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TCU Suspends Student And Makes Him Drop His Fraternity For Racy Tweets

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A student at TCU was suspended after someone complained to the school’s administration that several of his tweets regarding current events were offensive. Harry Vincent, nineteen, was placed on “suspension in abeyance” which translates to only having permission to go to class or the library for the next year. He will not be able to live on campus, participate in university funded activities like intramural sports, and was forced to drop his fraternity. He was also put on disciplinary probation until graduation, ordered to perform 60 hours of community service, and must take a course on issues in diversity.

From the Star-Telegram:

Vincent accuses a childhood acquaintance of sparking the investigation after she posted screen shots on her Tumblr page of comments Vincent had made on social media, mostly Twitter, that she deemed “disgusting and offensive.”

The comments, made between December and April on Twitter and Facebook, were made in response to current events, including the Baltimore riots and spread of the Islamic State.

They included: “#Baltimore in 4 words: poor uneducated druggy hoodrats,” telling someone they’d been reincarnated as a “b—–” (a slur against Mexicans) and remarking, “Almost as tan as a terrorist. Going to be thoroughly disappointed if I’m not racially profiled on my trip to gulf shores.”

The woman shared Vincent’s name and social medial handles and urged her followers to contact TCU and “expose him.”

“You can email TCU and tell them that he’s shedding a bad light on their university,” she wrote, including the university’s phone number and campus life email.

Vincent said his comments were taken out of context and were not racist. He said he stands by his remarks except for the slur against Mexicans, which he says he didn’t realize was derogatory.

“That tweet I deeply regret,” Vincent said. “Coming from the East Coast, I had never heard the word b—– before. One of my friends actually said it. I wrongfully, obviously, thought it was funny so I tweeted it.”

This isn’t about free speech. TCU is a private school, so any First Amendment considerations wouldn’t apply. But what this really boils down to is that you shouldn’t hold anything against a nineteen-year-old for what they may fire out on social media. Why? Because nineteen-year-olds are fucking idiots. I don’t care what their standardized testing or GPA may say about their “intelligence,” they’re still straight up morons. They’ll look back at all the stupid shit they said on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram five or ten years down the road and just shake their head in embarrassment. Trust me, I’ve done it.

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Deep, younger Dan. Deep.

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Said the meathead with zero fighting experience and solely relied on out-muscling kids.

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lol? What the fuck was wrong with me? I like Greg Giraldo, too.

My advice for you kids out there: get off social media. Scratch that. Stay on social media strictly to click on all the links to my articles. Your boy needs those pageviews.

Now if you’re brave enough to spew thoughts into the web in this ultra sensitive world we now live in, at the very least go private with your account. Don’t let the girl you bullied in elementary school follow you. Simple as that. She has held a vendetta against you ever since, and is just looking for the right time to proverbially sodomize you.

[via Star-Telegram]

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