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Task Force Recommends KU Defer Fraternity Recruitment To Spring, KU Says “Screw You”

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As a spring pledge myself, I try my hardest to let people know that rushing in spring should be your backup plan. Gotta go fall, man. Complete waste of a semester if you don’t. I know of a few schools, such as SMU, that have deferred rush to spring. Total bozo move. “Yeah, let’s not let our students have fun for their first semester of college. It’s for their own good.”

This idea of rush deferral has been brought up a lot lately, and many schools are considering shifting over to it because Greek life is the worst thing in the world and we all suck for finding pleasure in it. The University of Kansas wasn’t having any of that shit, though.

From KCUR:

It’s not the norm, but it’s not uncommon for fraternities to recruit high school seniors to join their organizations. Those that do often reach out to high school athletic coaches, and tap legacies (students with generational ties to the fraternity) and siblings for a night out on the town or a ball game.

At the University of Kansas it is an age-old tradition.

But after hundreds of interviews and extensive research, the University of Kansas Sexual Assault Task Force, which was appointed by the chancellor, recommended that KU fraternities defer their recruitment until spring of freshmen year.

Why not, they felt, give incoming freshmen some time to acclimate to college life — to learn about the different fraternity houses and get used to being away from home.

The task force also said deferring until the spring was one way to cut back on sexual violence.

But, the KU administration rejected the task force’s recommendation.

SSKKKRRRPPPPPP! I absolutely adore this move by the Kansas administration. Putting together a task force, letting them do hours and hours of work, then tossing them a “thanks for trying, play again later” when they arrive at a conclusion that you don’t like. Delicious. Accepting blatantly terrible recommendations in an attempt to save face is an all-too-common occurrence by university officials these days. It’s refreshing that at least one institution out there isn’t giving in to anti-fraternity pressure.

We can all agree that sexual assault is a problem on college campuses, but scapegoating Greek life is not the solution. Acting like forcing college men to wait until spring to rush a fraternity is in any way useful towards preventing sexual assault is some unbelievably flawed logic.

“The longer we make freshman men wait to join a fraternity, the less chance there is of them committing rape. We all know that freshman year fall is when raping is ingrained into the minds of these impressionable youth, and if we keep kids away from those rape factories known as fraternities all our problems will be solved!!!”


Kudos, KU.

[via KCUR]

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Jared Borislow

Jared Borislow (né The DeVry Guy) is a Senior Writer for Grandex Inc and a 2015 graduate of the University of Wisconsin.

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