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Taco Bell Employee Photographed Licking The Tacos

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This, sadly, is not some kind of euphemism. That would make this less disgusting, oddly enough. The man in the photo is simply an unidentified Taco Bell employee, though I like to imagine he probably works at a Taco Bell in some college town, probably because he’s a local that just couldn’t hack it in the world of college life, and is looking for a way to take it out on us poor, unsuspecting bastards.

“Hehe. This will show them,” he thinks, while licking the stack of tacos like some shitty extra in the world’s lamest attempt to re-create Clerks ever, and eye-fucking the camera like a two-bit pornstar. Sadly, for this poor, awkward-looking goober, this literal taco-licking is the closest he’s ever going to get to any kind of action. Weep for his future, gentlemen. It is truly a bleak one, and now bleaker still because he’s probably being fired for being an unsanitary fuck.

Taco Bell has not yet commented. My guess would be their spokesperson had the grande combo today for lunch, and is currently…indisposed. After some emergency Pepto-bismol, we should have a statement from their corporate PR guys. Of course, Taco Bell is pretty much always the cheapest Mexican food in town, so one shouldn’t be too surprised that one of their employees did this. The fast food industry is not exactly the employment choice of geniuses and culinary gods.

No word as of yet if the tacos were actually used in food prep. I’d like to hope not, but this may be situation where hope is futile.

[via Gawker]


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