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T-Mobile Assigned A 13-Year-Old Girl An Escort’s Recycled Phone Number

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escort t-mobile

Being a parent is absolutely impossible. You try to do the right thing for your child, but sometimes T-Mobile just has different plans for them. In this case, Monika Takahashi, a suburban Chicago mom, simply wanted to give her 13-year-old daughter a new cell phone so they could communicate while Monika was away serving with the National Guard. Instead, T-Mobile gave her daughter a former prostitute’s phone number and turned her daughter into a naughty escort named Pebbles.

From CBS Chicago:

My daughter called me at my office and said somebody is calling and asking for ‘Pebbles.’”

For two weeks, the calls and texts from strange men kept coming in.

“Where are you? Where can I meet you? Where do you live?”

When it didn’t stop, Monika started her research on Google. She found pages and pages of ads for a woman named “Pebbles.”

“Saying that she’s real and she’s live and she’s waiting and she wants to chat now,” Monika says. “She was in lingerie. She was bent over. It was just shocking.”

Of course finding out that your daughter’s new phone number belongs to a sex worker is shocking, but nothing else Monika discovered after that should have shocked her at all. I mean, “Pebbles” is real, she is live, she is waiting, and she probably does want to chat. And the fact she was in lingerie and bent over is exactly how I picture my “Pebbles.” I can’t seem to envision her in a full pantsuit on LinkedIn with a bunch of professional recs below her work experience section.

Anyways, enraged, Monika contacted T-Mobile, who has since given her daughter a new number. It’s probably the former phone number of a well-known cocaine dealer with countless enemies, but it’s a new number nonetheless.

T-Mobile apologized for exposing the minor to intense sexual solicitation, but also said they have no way to vet recycled numbers. Really? If I can use technology to find “Pebbles” on the internet in less than 45 seconds, you would think T-Mobile would be able to background check their own digits. Now if I only had her new cell phone number…

[via CBS Chicago]

Image via Shutterstock

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Ryco is a middling writer and a wildly mediocre stand-up comedian. He runs the unsuccessful Dead Jesters Sketch Comedy Podcast on iTunes.

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