Stupid Rumor Of The Week: Sigma Chi At The University Of Houston Violated The Geneva Convention By Waterboarding Pledges With Alcohol

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There are a lot of people piggybacking off the negative publicity from the OU SAE scandal and taking cheap shots at fraternity life.

Most of it is just the same old stuff–unsubstantiated rumors and conjecture based on little evidence. However, this rumor courtesy of Gawker Media (surprise, surprise), was too good not to share. It comes from a tipster who claims to be an employee at the University of Houston with insider information about the school’s Sigma Chi chapter that was suspended ten days ago.

Via Gawker:

I currently work at the University of Houston, and I just wanted to give you a quick update that we all found out this morning.

The “hazing” that Sigma Chi was charged with was actually WATERBOARDING PLEDGES with alcohol.

The news has been going around different departments on campus all morning.

The tipster continues:

I’ve spoken with students today, but I guess technically it’s all hearsay—-students who know members of Sigma Chi, who know girls who party there, etc. So nothing is officially documented. But like I said, e v e r y o n e is talking about this on campus today. Our Greek system is pretty small compared to other schools, so I believe it since the information is so specific.

What do you mean it’s “technically hearsay”? You mean hearsay, right? Follow the trail of information and you can see this could very easily be a game of telephone. A media outlet is sharing information from an anonymous tipster who was told by some girls who know members of Sigma Chi who may or may not of divulged this likely classified fraternity information. Yeah, OK.

This is one I haven’t heard before, but I’d be lying if I said my first reaction wasn’t a sheer amount hardy laughter. Waterboarding pledges with alcohol? That is insane. Who knew a fraternity was even capable of violating Common Article Three of the Geneva Convention.

University of Houston’s administration would not comment on whether alcoholic waterboarding was the incident that got the chapter suspended.

[via Gawker]

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