Study Finds High ABV Drinks Make You An Asshole

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Getting inappropriately too drunk and finding excuses for the previous night’s actions is an all too familiar scenario for many drinkers. However, assholes everywhere can now rejoice. A new study has finally cemented nearly everyone’s previous beliefs that drinking alcohol with higher alcohol by volume content does indeed make you far more ornery and aggressive.

From Men’s Fitness:

Spirits that have higher alcohol concentration are more frequently associated with feelings of anger and aggression, according to a new study published in the journal BMJ Open.

In the study, researchers used data from the Global Drug Survey, which asked participants between the ages of 18 and 31 about their alcohol consumption and how they felt while drinking specific types of alcohol, including beer, hard liquor, and red or white wine.

The results? Statistically speaking, certain types of alcohol can be more likely to trigger certain emotions. Spirits (like rum, gin, or vodka) were more likely to produce strong responses on either end of the emotional spectrum: Negative feelings like anger or aggression, along with more positive emotions like energy, confidence, and sexiness, were the most commonly reported. For beer and wine, on the other hand, roughly 50% of those surveyed said they “felt relaxed” after drinking a glass.

Thank God for science. While this study does not necessarily bring any new info to the table, it does finally give degenerates everywhere the backing of science for their drunken misbehavior. While most of us have blamed our violent urges on heavy Jim Beam consumption at least once, this study would have saved many friendships and relationships had it come out many years earlier.

So the next time Becky from ADPi tries to get mad at you for showing up gassed off your ass on hard liquor to her philanthropy soccer tournament and throwing hands with those douches from the fraternity down the row, you’ll be in the clear.

[via Men’s Fitness]

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