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Study: 8 In 10 College Kids Exhibit “Drunkorexia” — Purging, Not Eating Before Binge Drinking

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A recent study found that the majority of college students regularly engage in at least one behavior associated with a phenomenon known as “drunkorexia,” where someone induces vomiting, consumes laxatives, or abstains from eating before drinking heavily. The goal is to clear the stomach of anything that might soak up the booze so you can get drunker faster.

Note: pulling the trigger to make room for more alcohol does not count as being drunkorexic. For drunkorexia, the puking has to come before the drinking.

From Medscape:

The study included 1184 college students from the University of Houston and from a crowdsourcing Internet marketplace. All participants completed a Web-based survey. They had to have engaged in at least one episode of heavy drinking in the past 30 days. An episode of heavy drinking was defined as having four or more drinks in one sitting for women and five or more drinks in one sitting for men.

The mean age of participants was 22.3 years. Almost 60% were women, and almost two thirds (63.3%) were white.

Results showed that 81% of the sample reported engaging in at least one drunkorexia behavior once in the past 3 months.

The analysis also showed that young people living in fraternity or sorority houses were the most likely to engage in negative behaviors surrounding alcohol use. The next most likely group were those living in residence halls, followed by those living off campus, and, finally, those living at home.

I had to double check this story to see if it was satire because A) it was a drinking study conducted by a guy named Dr. Rinker and B) 8/10 seems pretty damn high.

I always try to eat a big, starchy-as-fuck meal before drinking heavily. It was a ritual of mine to grab some Chik-Fil-A with the boys before throwing back pulls of Taaka vodka. An empty-stomach drunk feels like your body was pummeled by a Mack truck. A full-stomach drunk feels warm and fuzzy. That’s why I’m surprised everybody is so drunkorexic.

But there’s something the study doesn’t consider: could many of the 80 percent of students who engaged in drunkorexic behavior in the past three months have done it simply because they couldn’t find the time to eat before drinking? I’m sure some kids do it to get drunker faster (much like people who start drinking immediately after donating blood or popping a Xanax (both of which are very ill-advised)), but a lot of times, students are in a rush to go out with their friends after a hectic day. In the busy life of a college kid, finding time to eat is rarely a top priority — that priority usually comes after the heavy drinking.

[via Medscape]

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