Students Somehow Offended That School Served Mexican Food At Intergalactic Night

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Offended is the new buzz word. Everyone is offended about everything. Thanks to the generous contributions of our beloved commenters, I believe this entire office is immune to anything the normal world would deem “offensive.” As we’ve seen in the past, when “intellectual” — a word I begrudgingly use very loosely — groups gather, if there is nothing to complain about, they will complain about nothing. That doesn’t mean they won’t bitch and moan, it literally means they will do their damnedest to turn a complete non-issue into a major ordeal. I’m assuming that is what happens when you become too smart for the rest of us. I wouldn’t know. I’m an idiot.

Here is the first paragraph of the article. If someone can pinpoint exactly what offended these poor souls off the bat, I’d be thoroughly impressed.

From Fox News:

A California college has apologized for its “insensitivity” after serving Mexican food at an official school night party whose theme, “Intergalactic,” included decorations featuring aliens from outer space.

Here is a hint: Mexican nationals make up a large amount of the undocumented immigrants to our nation. Those undocumented people are often referred to as “illegal aliens.” The theme of the party happened to be Intergalactic Night, which was obviously a giant ruse by the school to take a cheap shot at illegal immigrants by serving Mexican food at an alien-themed event. Sounds logical, right? It’s absolutely fucking horseshit is what it is.

Here’s the party. The connections to Mexicans are blatantly obvious.

In most of these cases, the offended loons can, at the minimum, pull a poor deliberated reason to be offended out of their ass. These people — the people who are lame enough to attend Intergalactic Night at their university — managed to find a connection and the fun has begun for the poor school, who are already bowing to demands.

“We would never want to make a connection between individuals of Latino heritage or undocumented students and ‘aliens,’ and I am so sorry that our College Night appeared to do exactly that,” reads the letter, which was written by Carolyn Golz, a student life administrator.

The simple fact that an administrator had to state explicitly that there was no connection between the two “aliens” makes my blood boil. This story still hasn’t reached its ending point. Those responsible for selecting to serve Mexican food during this party were the students themselves. Because of their apparent offensive actions, anyone planning to put together an event on campus must undergo “culture competency training.”

“For [the sci-fi] event, students landed on Mexican food because they weren’t sure what food would work with the intergalactic theme,” a college spokesman told Fox News. “It sounds like an honest mistake – choosing a food for college night without thinking about how it could be perceived by others. The students decided on Mexican food as they hadn’t had it yet this year.”

Now, as a result of this “poor decision,” the university is requiring cultural competence training for all students interested in putting together on-campus programs as well as other safe guards that “will ensure college programs are culturally sensitive and inclusive.”

Welcome to the land of political correctness. You’ll never win.

[via Fox News]

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