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Student Wanders Around The Woods With A Shotgun For Terrible Art Project, Is Mistaken For A Dangerous Gunman

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Statistically speaking, 99.87% of art is stupid. This is science. That indisputable fact is true in part because artists are profoundly stupid, and often times, ironically uncreative. That’s mostly because, different ≠ creative, something the vast majority of them don’t understand in their desperate attempt to put off getting a real job. Sculpting the Virgin Mary out of human feces isn’t art. It just means you were playing with shit for a few hours and desperately wanted people to pay attention to you. How is that different from the hobo who goes all chimpanzee and starts throwing his own waste at passersby? It’s not. It’s literally not different. God I hate artists. Writers are way cooler, you guys.

If artists are bad, art students are infinitely worse, and the most recent misguided attempt at art comes from an art student in Arlington, Virginia. The student wandered into the forest with a shotgun, camo, and some cameras. What was he doing? Shooting an anti-gun montage? Was it a video piece on a crazed, anti-Obama militiaman? Was he simply out there to kill a deer and use its rotting innards to sculpt the Virgin Mary? Who knows. It’s not really important anyway, because a local resident spotted him, mistook him for a dangerous gunman, and called the cops.

The incident happened just before noon on the 2100 block of N. Scott Street, in the North Highlands neighborhood. A resident called police, reporting a man dressed in camouflage in the woods of Dawson Terrace Park. The man was pointing a shotgun at something, the caller said.

Officers located the man, ordered him to drop the weapon and then took him into custody. Upon further questioning, officers determined that the man was an Art Institute student videotaping himself for a school project, according to Arlington County Police Department spokesman Dustin Sternbeck.

Maybe THAT was the project? Who knows? After all, art can be anything! That’s why it’s so great! awful!

It would have been pretty funny if this kid ended up getting shot over a school art project. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not wishing death on him. He doesn’t deserve that. He is still an American, even if he is an artist, but it’d be funny if the cops plugged him in the leg. I really don’t like artists, you guys.

[via ARL Now]


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