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Student Pays Final Tuition Bill With 97,400 Pennies

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If your university is anything like mine, there are endless departments you’d probably love to give a giant middle finger to. The parking enforcement officers who believe that their endless failures in life can be made up for by writing an absurd amount of bullshit tickets to poor college kids? Yeah, fuck them. That egotistical campus cop who doesn’t realize he’s just a security façade? What a dick.

There are endless people to hate on a college campus, and you can find some of them in the bursar’s office.

Andrew Magbee, a student at Southwestern Christian University, decided to give his university’s employees the surprise from hell last week when he delivered his final tuition payment in the form of 97,400 pennies. Yep, the genius paid his $974 bill in pennies. What a power move.

As The DeVry Guy would say, it’s a TFM.

To pay his final tuition bill, Andrew used good ol’ American hard work to earn the funds. He claims he collected aluminum cans, started a sandwich shop, mowed yards, and painted houses. You have to respect a man who works hard for his money, especially while attending school.

The university accepted his payment and he received a receipt stating his tuition was “PAID IN FULL!”

Well done, Andrew. I’m sure you made plenty of new friends in that office.

[via Tulsa World]

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