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Sorority Girl Bingo

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As fraternity men, we like any and all forms of competition whether they are meaningful or meaningless. If it’s meaningless, we will make it meaningful. From Mario Kart tournaments to impromptu knife-throwing competitions, we must always quench our thirst for glory by making our opponent look like a total shitsipper, unless we are, in fact, involved in a shitsipping contest. Shit, I’ve seen paintball games become the Invasion of Normandy and end in a Russian roulette tiebreaker. Anyway, in order to fulfill our competitive spirit I created a game out of a fraternity pastime. No, not long-distance butt-peeing or playing “Fuzzy Bunny” with Copenhagen. Not even pledge reenactments of Abu Ghraib. It’s very simple. Sex and bingo. Here are the rules:

Objective: To achieve a BINGO by sleeping with a girl from each sorority/category.

Rule 1: The game starts now. All previous hook-ups do not count for a BINGO space. You don’t get to fill in B-5 when you play regular BINGO just because you had it in the last game, so the same applies here.

Rule 2: Since there are not enough sororities at most schools for a full 5×5 BINGO board, several other categories of acceptable hookups have been added.

Rule 3: Sleeping with a girl from the sorority written in a space and getting the girl’s signature and phone number written inside the space is what it takes to fill a space. If you cannot get that, you must still be able to prove that you had an intimate night together for the space to count. Be creative. (Ejaculating into the square is NOT what I’m asking for).

Rule 4: If a girl somehow falls under more than one category on the BINGO board, it is at your discretion for what you want her to count as. Bare in mind, she may only count once. Sex with her a second time is not an exception to this rule.

Rule 5: Sororities/categories from other schools count. This is what verification is for.

Rule 6: While climaxing during intercourse of the space it takes to get a BINGO you must actually yell the word “BINGO!”

Tiebreak: In the event of a tie, which can pretty much only happen if the time of completion is too close to call or during a devil’s three-way/Eiffel Tower scenario, out of the parties who have tied, the next person to get laid by anyone wins. If that is also a tie, this rule is repeated until there is a winner.

Last (and most important) Rule: Sex must be consensual! And in the case of the “High Schooler” square, legal for the state you complete the square in. Don’t rape women…or the integrity of this game.

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