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Someone Is Extremely Butthurt That A Kappa Delta Chapter Uses A Test Bank

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In this edition of Sounds Like Somebody Didn’t Get a Bid, we’re discussing the age-old tradition of the test bank system, more particulaly, though, a tattletale who seems so disgusted by their existence that he/she notified us about a certain Kappa Delta chapter that bears their sweet, sweet fruit. I don’t really like the term “butthurt,” but it’s really the only way to describe this person.

The biggest square in the continental United States recently submitted the following message via the TFM Wall. I redacted the name of the university for the sake of adequate anonymity.

Daddy’s money can buy you pretty much anything at [name of university redacted]– where every wealthy student receives a propped up education, in a coddling environment, with administrators who would rather just look the other way. Kappa Delta Sorority is no exception to this.

An email was sent to [name of university redacted] administrators and Kappa Delta Sorority with evidence showing the organization collectively cheats on tests by using a test bank dating back more than 5 years. The administration chose to do nothing with the evidence, which proves Daddy’s money buys anything.

The [name of university redacted] chapter of Kappa Delta sorority has been participating in a prolonged and collusive effort of cheating on tests by using a collection of past tests. They also share the test bank with fraternities they want to sleep with. The administration is doing nothing to solve this.

– [redacted]

When the author sends the words “Daddy’s money…” up to bat first, that sets an immediate tone of “I don’t have anything constructive to share really, but you’re going to listen to me whine for a minute anyway.”

What exactly was the author’s intention here? Did they want us to write an exposé ripping this sorority apart? Perhaps to incite a university investigation? Did he or she accidentally wander away from I know that’s a terrible joke, but Total Frat Move typically celebrates this type of Greek tradition. It happens at every school in the country. Test banks are something all of us up here have benefitted from.

If anyone has a legitimate rub with the test bank system, it should be with the professors that are too lazy to change up their exams every year, or at least every other year.

“The administration is doing nothing to solve this.”

Neither am I, nerd.

“They also share the test bank with fraternities they want to sleep with.”

Now you’re just acting like a spiteful moron. A) There’s no way you could prove this theory without being apart of it. And B) Girls don’t have to coerce guys to sleep with them. It’s the other way around.

Sounds like somebody didn’t get a bid.


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Dillon Cheverere

Dillon Cheverere (@DCheverere) is the Vice President of Media for Grandex, Inc. Email:

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