Some Poor Old Man Gets Destroyed In Fight At TCU Spring Game

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Some Poor Old Man Gets Destroyed In Fight At TCU Spring Game

It’s spring game season, and the football loons have awoken from hibernation. They are ready to drink away another season of close calls and missed opportunities. The game is meaningless and essentially serves no purpose other than fan entertainment. Don’t tell that to the diehards, though. They flock to the stadium in droves and take it as seriously as any other gridiron battle.

The TCU spring game became especially rowdy when a Fort Worth firefighter nearly beat the last remnants of life out of an elderly patron after the firefighter failed to control his little shits.

From TCU360:

“About two-thirds of the way through the scrimmage, they got up from their seats and O’Neill took the boys to the restroom. Instead of returning to their seats, they decided to stand up there by the handicapped section of the stadium,” Ham said.

Ham said that according to witnesses, the young boys kept climbing on the railings in front of the handicapped seats and were blocking the view to Woods and his wife, Patsy.

He said that Woods and his wife “kept asking the boys to move down, and get off the railing, and O’Neill took offense to it, according to the witnesses.”

O’Neill, the hothead, concluded the argument with a devastating fist to the side of the old man’s face. Thanks to O’Neill’s inability to control his emotions at a meaningless event, the old man was transported to the hospital with severe dental damage, a bloody nose, and a concussion. The force of the punch was enough to knock his entire body out of the chair.

When contacted by the Star-Telegram, the old man had some strong words for his attacker.

From Star-Telegram:

“He assaulted me. I never even laid a hand on him,” the man said in a telephone interview with the Star-Telegram on Wednesday evening.

“First of all, he’s a coward. When you hit someone when they’re sitting down, you’re a coward,” he said. “He was 36 years younger than me. That makes him a coward with a capital C.”

He even claims to have attempted to return fire on O’Neill, but was restrained by another fan.

“I did not see it coming. If I had … I would have tried to deflect it or duck,” the husband said. “Once I got up and stabilized myself, then I started after the guy. [Another] guy restrained me and said, ‘Let the police do it.’ It it hadn’t been for him, I would have been on it.”

He acknowledges that with his arthritis and advanced age, he probably wouldn’t have put up much of a fight.

O’Neill was charged with injury to the elderly, a felony, and somehow managed to be released on $100,000 bail.

[via Star-Telegram, TCU360]

Image via Star-Telegram

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