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Some Guy Pulled Off An Impressive Double Backflip In A Monster Truck

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If we were to toss a Monster Jam show into Plankton’s Chum Bucket Recipe Analyzer, we’d probably see results that look something like this: 67 percent jorts, 15 percent high school dropouts, 12 percent Milwaukee’s Best farts, and 6 percent rednecks driving oversized trucks. It’s a very simple concept. Rednecks build large trucks with large tires and proceed to destroy them doing the most stupid shit their minds can imagine.

I remember watching these shows on Speed when I was in elementary school. I watched them for the same purpose I’d fast-forward through my recorded NASCAR races — I wanted to see someone crash in a spectacular way. For the most part, they were dull and scripted. I was able to witness some spectacular screw-ups, however, and those alone made it all worth the effort.

Some driver named Tom Meents managed to pull off something fairly cool in one of those monster trucks over the weekend. Instead of the typical car-crushing bullshit, he attempted to make one of those behemoths pull off a double backflip. While I am still unsure as to how in the hell he managed to do so, he was successful, and it’s awesome.

I failed physics, but fuck, that just does not seem possible. Regardless, he nutted up and pulled it off. Of course, the crowd inside of Gillette Stadium went nuts, almost as nuts as the loony announcer who sounds as if he’s busting his first nut.

Who needs Tom Brady when Foxborough has this kind of entertainment?

[via USA Today]

Image via YouTube

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