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Snapchat Causes Fist Fight At Popular University Of Wisconsin Bar

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Wando’s is a pretty decent college bar at the University of Wisconsin. It’s by no means a Greek bar, but they have free bacon on Tuesdays and their huge fishbowls will get you sneaky trashed. Make sure you ask for a kelly green fishbowl (Go Edina, go Adam Banks, go Hornets) and don’t bypass the rope gate and go upstairs when it’s closed off during your senior bar crawl if you don’t want to get yelled at a lot.

I’m going back to Madison exactly one week from today for Homecoming (#2riled) and may stop in for a drink or two at Wando’s, but I wish I had been there last night sipping on a kelly green fish’s home with a front seat to the absurd cat fight that broke out around 1:15 A.M.

From the City of Madison:

A dispute over a Snapchat led to two batteries at a downtown bar overnight.

For the victims, the evening began at the Kohl Center where they took in the Kevin Hart “WHAT NOW? TOUR.” The show included opening acts performed by other comedians, some of whom happened to be in the same nightclub as the victims after the show.

One took out her phone to shoot a quick Snapchat video of those who had made her laugh. Problems quickly started when an intoxicated woman confronted the victim believing she was the target of the Snapchat.

As the victim tried to explain that was not her intent, the suspect began punching her in the face. During the attack the victim dropped her new iPhone 6S. Its screen was now cracked.

The victim’s friend moved in to try to stop the assault, and she too was punched multiple times in the head.

Others were able to pull the suspect away.

She was outside as the victims left the bar and was now screaming profanities at them while making vulgar statements about Hispanics.

The victims are Hispanic but did not believe the violence was brought on by their ethnicity, rather the Snapchat. Because of that, responding officers did not pursue a hate crime enhancer while citing the suspect on tentative battery charges.

Talk about a short fuse. It literally just took a phone being pointed at this chick for her to go absolutely bonkers. I think we may have found the one female in the world who doesn’t want her photo taken at the bar. Most girls I know would have asked the victim to spend three minutes taking thirteen more, scrolled through all of them afterwards and then said “thanks anyway.”

I can kinda understand this reaction, though. For the last few weeks, my face has been plastered all over the site and our social media pages.

I’ve gotten to the point in my budding modeling career where my face is a hot commodity. Everyone wants a piece of it. This is America, so supply and demand dictated I start charging for photos – which I did. Trying to sneak a pic of me is akin to stealing. For all we know, the offender in question was merely protecting her brand. I can get behind that.


[via City of Madison]

Image via Google Maps

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Jared Borislow

Jared Borislow (né The DeVry Guy) is a Senior Writer for Grandex Inc and a 2015 graduate of the University of Wisconsin.

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