Sketchy Ass University Of Tennessee Invested In Cayman Island Funds And Tried To Keep It A Secret

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The government, your drug dealer, four-day-old Chinese food, and the dark web. What do all these things have in common? They’re all sketchy as fuck. Know what else is sketchy as fuck? The University of Tennessee.


The University of Tennessee’s endowment has pumped millions of dollars into private investment funds in recent years, including many chartered in the Cayman Islands.

And the university successfully lobbied the Tennessee legislature to pass a law last year that keeps the details of these and other “alternative investments” secret.

Well, this is weird. Endowment funds are funded by alumni donations and are almost always invested into publicly traded stocks and bonds. In this case, the University of Tennessee is trying to keep the details of their investments in the dark. The fact that they lobbied a law to keep the details of the “alternative investments” a secret should be enough to trigger an alarm.

Imagine if somehow you graduated college and got a job. Crazy, right? Then, you’re feeling generous and donate a large sum of money to the college. Even more bananas. Then, the college to which you donated takes that money, invests it in something you can NEVER get details about and wants to keep it that way. Sound the damn alarm.

The smell of conspiracy is lingering like the smell of a fresh shart in the morning and I don’t like it. What the fuck is the University of Tennessee doing with their donations in the Cayman Islands? Potentially using it to pay football recruits? The possibilities are endless. Either way, stop doing sketchy shit, UT.

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