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SJWs Leave Portland State University Talk After Professor Highlights Biological Differences Between Men And Women

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Please, tell me that’s a rational way to start an article or a rational response to absolutely anything. I dare you. The SEO editors are losing their goddamn minds right now because of the childish way I started this. We’re missing out on tens of dollars from advertisers right now because of it. Now, imagine you lived your life just the way this article started. Fun, right?

A group of SJWs decided to walk out of a diversity talk at Portland State University — causing a commotion and damaging the sound system in the process — when former Evergreen State College biologist Heather E. Heying had the audacity to point out the biological differences between men and women.

Sweet non-binary, non-conforming, vegan Jesus. That was a shitshow.

So, to set this all straight, you toppled a sound system, threw a temper tantrum, called people Nazis, and said “fuck the police” all because there are factual differences between men and women? You got a lot of anger in your heart.

It’s important to point out that this panel was designed to push the boundaries on some hot-button ideas. Think a Milo Yiannopoulos discussion but 100x less douchey and with far fewer InfoWars fans.

Heying wasn’t even the original bad guy/gal going into this. The original target was James Damore, an ex-Google employee who was fired for giving harsh criticism of the company’s diversity program and suggesting there were non-sexist reasons for the gender pay gap.

From The Clackamas Print:

Prior to the event, Freethinkers of PSU has received threats that host Andy Ngo wrote about in a Wall Street Journal column.

Freethinkers of PSU had to get creative to protect Damore after threats that people should lookout for Damore in order to assault him, said Ngo.

“We found a way to get all of the panelists in through the back entrance of the venue from a green room close by,” said Blake Horner, one of the volunteers for the Freethinkers of PSU. “We closed off all of the blinds to ensure that no one would know that they were inside that room while we were setting up.”

It’s a shame these SJWs couldn’t sit around and listen to these ideas, because it was actually a decent discussion. The panelists knew they were in the lion’s den and did everything they could to get their points across in a factual and respectful manner. By and large, the audience members gave that respect back when asking questions.

As for those who walked out, good luck. You’ll be in great shape once protesting becomes a full-time job with benefits.

[via The Clackamas Print]

Image via YouTube/Freethinkers of PSU

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