Sigma Chi Slightly Loosens Up On Stringent Rules Announced In “Culture Change”

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Get with the times or get the eff out — that’s the message that the Grand Consul of Sigma Chi sent to actives in January when the organization outlawed social events involving alcohol during recruitment. And by get with the times, he clearly meant forget about throwing any raucous parties with pledges present ever again — it’s over.

Well thanks to one of you generous TFM tipsters, we have obtained an email that Sigma Chi Nationals sent to members explaining some new policy changes, and it appears that the fun isn’t totally over. While pledges are still not allowed to attend, Sigma Chi chapters are now allowed to have four social events where alcohol is present during the pledging process.

Obviously given the current social climate, we have had a lot of these emails roll through lately and just once I wish it would read at least somewhat honestly. Something like “we know you want your pledges to get (responsibly) trashed, but we also can’t have any policies in place that allow that. It’s bad for business. So keep it safe, and we’ll look the other way. PS: if you do get caught, we’ll throw you under the bus faster than you can say hazing. Alright, good talk.”

cBut instead, we get this halfhearted show of good faith on the part of nationals.

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Like throwing a few social events is going to make up for the fact that no legal fun is going to be allowed ever again. It’s like when you buy your mom flowers after showing up shitfaced and ruining Easter brunch. Sure, it sort of makes her feel better, but brunch was still ruined. Even with the slight change, Sigma Chi’s Easter brunches will be perpetually ruined for the foreseeable future, and one has to wonder if anyone will even show up.

As more and more fraternities pass restrictive rules and regulations, it will be interesting to see how it affects Greek life. What will a “normal” Greek experience look like 10 years from now? One things for sure, it will be different. Here’s to hoping that the so-called “culture change” is a positive one.

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