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Shout Out To The Guy Who Covered His Home In Michigan State Themed Christmas Decorations

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This is the adult man I want to be.

I have long been searching for my purpose as a recent grad of my fine university, and, while I haven’t had an opportunity to celebrate, I think I want to be like this Michigan State guy: a complete and total jackass about my school’s athletic prowess.

This probably works better when your school is the perpetual little brother, like Michigan State is to Michigan. (This is not a problem for me, as Texas is far superior than every other school in the state.) But can you imagine the hard-on this guy had as he went to the neighborhood Ace Hardware and bought out all the green lights?

His neighbors, who I’d like to think are snobby, smarmy Michigan fans, are probably so miserable and irritated. When Michigan State punched in that last-minute touchdown in the Big Ten championship to secure a trip to the playoff, they knew their fate was sealed.

“God damn it, Carl is running through the streets with his Michigan State flag again. He’s not wearing pants this time.”

Having so much school pride that you drop part of your own child’s college fund on the electric bill is absolutely something to be proud of. Over/under on the total cost of this Christmas set-up is somewhere around $8,000. The addition of the school’s fight song is a nice touch.

This is a life goal right here. When Texas is good again, there is going to be an emergency HOA meeting about my Christmas decorations. I’m going to throw so many goddamn burnt orange lights on my house you’ll be able to see it from the fucking space station.

Kudos to this guy for being a true MSU fan. Go Spartans.

Image via YouTube

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