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Sex Robot Developer Not Happy That Guys Want To Have Sex With His Sex Robot

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The developer of the technologically advanced ersatz lover sex robot is not happy with how the attendees of a recent tech conference treated his creation. Apparently, grown men can’t handle the responsibility of being around sex dolls without reverting back to their primitive instincts. I’m going to call this thing a doll, because acknowledging the existence of sex robots that can communicate intelligent thoughts is far too syfy for my taste.

Now I don’t want to pigeonhole the European electronics industry sight unseen, but if the men that go to this sort of thing are anything like the pencil pushers I am imagining, then this story makes a whole lot of sense.

From New York Post:

A sex robot needs a little downtime after receiving a bit too much attention from randy “barbarians” at an Austrian electronics fair.

The ersatz lover — an interactive silicone doll named Samantha — was the star attraction at the Ars Electronica Festival in the city of Linz, where sex-crazed men mounted her and groped her bulbous breasts.

“She was heavily soiled,” Samantha’s developer Sergi Santos told the Daily Star.

“People can be bad. Because they did not understand the technology and did not have to pay for it, they treated the doll like barbarians,” said Santos, who runs Synthea Amatus, a company based in Barcelona.

Samantha has been sent back to Spain for repairs – and plenty of sanitizing

Why is this guy mad? Isn’t this exactly the type of reaction he should want? You should be more concerned if dudes don’t want to mount up and take a ride on your sex doll. Gotta test drive before you buy, right? That’s just good for business. 

If you didn’t want men barbarically “soiling” all over your robot sex machine then you shouldn’t have brought her to a tech convention full of nerds. That’s like back in high school when my dad would leave his beer fridge unattended, then get mad when a few brews came up missing. You were just asking for trouble, Bill. 

Can you imagine how upset this guy would be if he saw what dudes are doing to his dolls when they get them home for the store? He would be crushed to see the dirty, probably weird, disrespectful shit being done to them. 

“Samantha can endure a lot, she will pull through,” he said about the roughly $4,500 doll, which reacts to touch and speaks several languages.

She will pull through? Your creation’s target market is lonely dudes with an extra five grand lying around who for some recent haven’t learned about the existence of hookers yet. I would sure hope that it can handle a little bit of bump-n-grind and still pull through because there is going to be a lot of that. 

Simply put, if you’re going to be in the sex doll game, then don’t get upset when people want to have sex with your creepy sex dolls.

[via New York Post]

Image via Shutterstock

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