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Seattle Man Tries To Sell Back Stinger Missile Launcher For Chili’s Gift Cards

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Today, in “Oh, America” news, a Seattle man brought a Stinger missile launcher to a community gun buy back in Seattle, Washington over the weekend. These buy back drives have been popular since the Newtown tragedy in December. The Stinger missile launcher is just the most recent insane discovery at a gun buy back. Grenade launchers were sold back to the Los Angeles Police Department last month. Who has a grenade launcher? More importantly, who tries to sell one back to the police?

Back to the Stinger missile. Seattle Police said that the missile had already been discharged and only the launch tube remained on the weapon. It makes you wonder, though. Someone had this in their possession at one point, and probably breached security at a military base or depot to steal it. For those of you who don’t know, the Stinger missile is a shoulder-mounted, surface-to-air, infrared-guided weapon, that could shoot a Boeing 747 out of the sky from roughly three miles away.

We gave a bunch to the Afghan Mujahideen back in the day…maybe that’s where he got it?

More hilariously, the Seattle buyback program was not giving out cold, hard cash for these weapons. Oh, no. This is Seattle, folks. Cash for guns is just straight up offensive up there in the King City. They were instead giving out gift cards.

“So come on down, folks! Bring your glocks, your AR-15s and six-shooters and take the whole family out to Chili’s! Awesome Blossoms and southwest egg rolls on the city of Seattle!”

Funny thing is, Seattle did a similar gun buyback in 1992 and gun violence increased in the year after. Less guns isn’t exactly the answer sometimes. Neither are more guns.

The man who tried to sell the non-functional SAM told police that he bought it from a guy in line for $100 dollars. Yeah, sure.

In total, the event bought back 160 guns and gave away a total of $35,000 in gift cards. The event was originally scheduled for 9am to 3pm, but was called short after two hours due to the large crowd and lack of iTunes and Applebee’s gift cards.

[via The Christian Science Monitor]

Image via The Christian Science Monitor


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