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Seahawks Fan Rejects $20K For NFC Title Ball, Wants To Attend Super Bowl The Day Before His Jail Term Begins

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When Jermaine Kearse scored the game-winning touchdown in overtime against the Packers to clinch the Seahawks’ second consecutive NFC Championship, he did something that he immediately regretted. In the emotion of the moment, Kearse launched the ball he had just caught for the touchdown into the stands at CenturyLink field. Kearse literally threw away what is already one of the most important pieces of memorabilia in Seattle’s football history.

Here is the 12th Man member who managed to catch the ball:

His name is Scott Shelton, and, of course, he’s an unemployed father of two who is also a convicted felon set to begin a prison sentence the day after the Super Bowl, because that’s exactly how karma works.

Shelton, who has already rejected an offer of $20,000 for the ball from a Washington sports memorabilia dealer, seems like kind of a stand-up guy in one respect at least, saying he wants to see the ball returned to its rightful owner, Number 15.

The NY Daily News reports that Kearse got in touch with Shelton on Monday morning after the game to see if they could work out a deal.

On the Monday morning after Kearse caught the dramatic 35-yard title-winning pass, the wide receiver called Shelton and asked about getting the ball back.

“He told me he wanted to trade his game helmet signed by the team, and his jersey, for the ball,” Shelton told KOMO-TV.

“And then he asked me what (else) I wanted for the ball. And I said ‘Honestly, it would be nice to go see you guys whip New England in the Super Bowl.’”

The game is set for Glendale, Ariz., leaving Shelton with a short turnaround for his date with detention back home in Washington state. He is scheduled to turn himself in at 2 p.m. the next day. His mother told local reporters he has to serve “several months” behind bars.

You honestly have to admire this guy’s brazen audacity here in asking for Super Bowl XLIX tickets. A team-signed, game-worn helmet and a jersey clearly aren’t a fair trade for a guy who’s going to prison the day after the big game. You can’t take that stuff to the slammer with you! There’s no mantle or display case in there for you to show off your collection! Memories, however, will last a lifetime, and that’s what Shelton understands. There’s just no way you become the bottom bitch in the jailhouse if you’re telling stories about how the Seattle Seahawks gave you Super Bowl tickets. Shelton totally gets the concept of supply and demand, and he knows he has the upper hand in the bargaining. There will only ever be one ball caught by Jermaine Kearse to win the 2015 NFC Championship; there are about 63,400 seats in the University of Phoenix Stadium. You do the math. Sounds to me like Shelton should already have his bags packed for Glendale, and then for, well, prison right after that.

For the record, Shelton will serve time stemming from nine counts of unlawful possession of a firearm in connection with the sale of an AK-47 on Craigslist. This would be perfectly fine under usual circumstances — if he hadn’t already been barred from possessing any firearms because of a prior felony conviction.

And he’s going to the Super Bowl. Karma is a bitch.

[via NY Daily News]

Image via KOMO News

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