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Scientists Are Developing New Vodka That Won’t Damage Your Liver

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It’s widely known that alcohol isn’t the best thing in the world for your liver. It’s just something you have to accept when you decide to drink. There’s never really been a way around it. But now, thanks to some new scientific developments, there may finally be a way to have a few drinks without doing too much damage to your liver.

Chigurupati Technologies, a company based in India, has spent the past decade developing a vodka that won’t hurt the liver. Now, after years of rigorous testing (and probably tasting), they’ve figured out their formula and have debuted it in Las Vegas.

The drink, called Bellion Vodka, contains a variety of chemicals, glycerin and potassium sorbate — among others — in a compound known as NTX. I’m not going to pretend I know how exactly the stuff works, but as I understand, it’s pretty effective—allegedly reducing the level of damage done to the liver by 93%. Not bad. Not bad at all.

It’s got some chemicals in it, so maybe the anti-GMO, organic only idiots won’t drink it, but I’d probably give it a shot. Vodka’s not really my thing, but I’m always down for a little bit of scientific research.

While it is better for your liver, it’s not fully risk free. It still has all the other effects, good and bad, of alcohol. No reward without risk, I guess.

Even if you don’t plan on drinking it, you have to at least admire the effort the folks who developed this put into it. Personally, I’m excited about the future of booze. It’s an exciting time to be alive.Now that we’ve got scientists and engineers working on it, there’s not telling what the future holds. Hangover-free bourbon wouldn’t be a bad place to start, guys.

[via The Drinks Business]

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