Scientist Apparently Created A New Alcohol That Gets You Hammered Without The Hangover

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Scientist Created A New Alcohol That Gets You Hammered Without Getting Hungover

Here is how most mornings go after a night of drinking: You down a bottle of aspirin, kick some girl out of bed, grab the nearest Gatorade and/or beer, and cure the pounding headache that is your hangover. Rinse and repeat every day, seven days a week. Now science wants to go and eliminate the aspirin step and just straight up take out the hangover completely.

One U.K. scientist created an alcohol that is meant to do just that.

From First We Feast:

Now a neuropharmacology professor at Imperial College London, Nutt has done research and development on two separate drugs; one is a non-toxic drink that makes you feel tipsy without experiencing the negative side effects of alcohol (including hangovers, liver toxicity, aggression, and loss of control). The second is a pill that reduces the hangover that results from real alcohol if taken simultaneously with your turn up.

I’m all about efficiency, so I’m passing on drug number two. If you give me something that gets me drunk without the hangover, why would I need a pill to reduce a hangover? Let’s forget drug number two and dive deeper into what’s behind door number one. It goes by the name alcosynth. Your liver will thank you since it is not toxic. Your friends will thank you for not being the angry drunk who tries to fight with anyone at the bar for looking at you the wrong way. More importantly, you’ll be able to drink yourself into oblivion without any health side effects.

Unfortunately, these drugs are only in the early stages of development, but it’s a win nonetheless for us heavy drinkers.

Fucking science, man. Some cool ass shit.

[via First We Feast]

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