Science Says Men And Women Prefer T. Swift’s Body Type To Kim Kardashian’s, Okay

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The ideal female body type, according to a scientific study that surveyed 60,000 virgins volunteers, is tall, slender, and has legs fa days. It is not, no matter how defiant Kanye will be after hearing about this, short, squatty, and with an ass the size of a Smart Car.

Let me say something about the linked article from Daily Mail pulling Taylor Swift as the representative of the tall, slender group. I think it’s an injustice. While, sure, my girl Swift is tall, skinny, and has legs that won’t quit, her body doesn’t exactly scream sex, does it? They could have chosen someone like Nina Agdal. I’ve touched on this before, but although Taylor has this indescribable sex appeal that is off the charts, she has poor posture and the torso of a newly-pubescent. A tall drink of water, though, and those legs are major league.

Now Kim, her body simply terrifies me. And that’s me being real. I don’t know what to make of that ass. It defies logic. I don’t get it. I can’t do anything with that thing. Nothing she would enjoy, anyway. Nice set of cutters, though.

So, how was this study conducted?

The researchers identified 24 female ‘body traits’ most commonly found on a sample of 273 women from government census-style data.
This included the obvious like bust size and shape and even ‘volume’, length of legs, waist size but also the slope of the shoulders, circumference of lower legs and girth of biceps.

It also looked at ‘seat prominence’ – in others words, a big bottom – and overall height and shape of torso.

They created 20 composite female figures incorporating different traits so they all looked very different from each other.

But each of these 20 then had five ‘daughters’ – that is, five versions of each but with very subtle changes to some of the body traits, so a total of 120 figures were created.

Volunteers were shown side and front on profiles of these women but the faces were pixilated in order for them to be rated purely on body shape and physical features.

I love you, Taylor. Let’s settle down and have 75 kids together.

[via Daily Mail]

Image via Tinseltown /, Twitter

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