Safe Space Protester Outraged A Student Raised Her Arms, Sparks Change To Safe Space Rules

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Safe Space Protester Outraged A Student Raised Her Arms, Sparks Change To Safe Space Rules

It turns out that our shining star of a country isn’t the only one dealing with all this safe space mumbo-jumbo lately. A student at The University of Edinburgh, which sources tell me is in a place called “The UK” (way to take our shtick, guys), violated a safe space when she *gasp* raised her arms at a Student Council Meeting.

From the Epoch Times

Imogen Wilson, vice president of academic affairs at the Students’ Association, raised her hand in objection after she was accused of failing to respond to a disabled student’s open letter. Disagreeable hand gestures are forbidden on the student council.

“At that point, I raised my arms in disagreement, as we had contacted the writers of the letter and tried hard to organize a meeting,” Wilson told The Huffington Post UK. “It was for that reason that a safe space complaint was made.”

So I guess we can put that “Raised Arms and Hoes on the Farm” social we’ve been planning for the past month in the trash, huh? What a load of bologna. Turns out the majority of students at Edinburgh are on her side, too. Who’da thunk that a bunch of students could be rational enough to see that a policy which asks students to “Refrain from hand gestures which denote disagreement or in any other way indicate disagreement with a point or points being made” is a joke? When a vote was taken to determine whether Ms. Wilson would be asked to leave, the Council voted she could stay right damn there, 33 to 18. That means 18 people on the board of voters were also outraged at a woman for RAISING HER ARMS.

Of course, to ensure that these special little snowflakes can be properly motivated (read: coddled like infants), the policy also states, “Gestures indicating agreement are permissible, if these gestures are generally understood and not used in an intimidating manner,” which begs the question, how can one be intimidated by a nod?

Following the debate, another student put together a petition against the asinine policies which swiftly got to 1,000 signatures. If a governing body knows what’s intelligent, and history proves they probably don’t, more students across the globe should follow this model. A person’s right to not be offended pales in comparison to the right to express one’s self in the face of idiocy. Keep fighting the good fight, Edinburgh. Just don’t tell anyone I said that.

[via Epoch Times]

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