Research Finds A Positive Correlation Between How Drunk You Get And How Many People You Drink With

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Research Finds A Positive Correlation Between How Drunk You Get And How Many People You Drink With

What a day for science! First we found out the average dick size is just over five inches and now paid researchers have confirmed that people are more likely to become increasingly inebriated as the number of people drinking around them rises.

Science doing HUGE things today.

Hopefully, the equation responsible for driving this study will hold the mathematical answer to the elusive, always sought after “perfect party.” As a guessing man, I’m saying it’s 69.

The Mirror explains the scientists’ findings, which were published in Addiction, a peer-reviewed scholarly journal.

Going on a night out with the girls or the lads? Well the more of them you have in your group the MORE likely you are to end up wheeled out with a crushing hangover the next day.

Simply having more friends sitting around you, made you more likely to drink more, scientists found by studying 200 Swiss teenagers over one weekend.

The lads suffer more from this affliction—the correlation was far stronger when it came to groups of men increasing in number than it was with women.

Let’s face it: We’re men and we’re competitive by nature. Biology literally commands us to drink more when there are more of us around. That’s what the study also found, and for the exact reasons you’d probably guess.

The research published in Addiction say it’s partly that men don’t like to turn down a drink, and partly that they see drinking as a challenge, and also they think it’s not so embarrassing to be drunk.

Pretty much true on all three accords. The research also indicated that as numbers rise in groups of women, alcohol consumption becomes more rampant as well, although not to the degree of men.

The article did cite peer pressure as being a driving force behind increased alcohol uptake, but I hope we’re all mature enough to understand that there’s definitely a line that doesn’t need to be crossed between some fun-laden, joking, manly competition, and getting completely obliterated because you’re an idiot who doesn’t grasp the concept of “enough is enough.”

Interestingly, it’s also noted that the study actually took place out on the town rather than in a controlled laboratory, mainly to eliminate environmental bias. The student participants involved recorded their experiences in real-time through a smartphone application, which periodically posed questions about the course the evening was taking and how many people were involved. It was probably pretty cool to be a part of, to be honest.

Where were these kinds of studies when I was in school?

[via The Mirror]

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