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Rent This House Where Frat Ghosts Are Stealing Beer, Raging Their Balls Off In The Afterlife

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One of our freelance contributors, Lucky Jo, was cruising Austin’s Craigslist ads, either looking for housing for her upcoming summer internship or because that’s her idea of entertainment. No judgement here, LJ. Regardless of what her actual intentions were, she stumbled upon this ad of a student looking for someone to take over his lease. Pretty standard protocol for a college kid moving out and not wanting to eat a half year of rent in the process. There’s a catch, however, for this particular house. Let’s see if you can identify it.

From Craigslist:

One bedroom for rent in a neat ole’ house. Three other roommates, all guys, who are super nice and laid-back. Two students and a hairdresser (and he’s pretty good at it). We also have one of the cutest dogs around.

The house is located right off of Guadalupe and 29th. So, we’re close to just about everything. UT campus, awesome food, stores, and bars are all within walking/biking distance. Nice neighborhood, and surprisingly quiet considering we are in west-campus.

The house has a lot of “character”, which is a nice way of saying that it’s old. But, it’s in good shape and everything works as it should. Spacious living-room and dining-room. Huge kitchen. We have a big pit in the backyard that’s full of chlorinated water (I think it’s called a pool). Wood floors throughout, if you’re into that. Washing machine and dryer in the house. We also have four reserved parking spots in the back.

The room is approximately 15′ x 8′. Has a closet, which is useful if you’re the kind of person that wears clothing. It has a functioning fan and like five power outlets. The wood floor is pink for some reason, which I like. Two big windows let in a lot of light, which I don’t like. I put up some blackout curtains, which you can have if you are also a vampire.

I’m not sure what else to say about it. It’s a room. If you need a room, then this one would probably work. So, check out the terrible pictures I took, and ignore the fact that the room is a mess.

Now, about the ghosts. Many years ago, the house was rented by a group of fraternity brothers. I can’t be sure, but I believe that they had such a good time here that they decided to stay. Forever. If you listen carefully on a quiet Friday or Saturday night, you can hear the telltale sounds of binge drinking. Also, my beer mysteriously disappears from the fridge sometimes. Although, that might just be one of my roommates.

The lease ends in August of 2015. I don’t have a specific date to leave by. Meaning, I can be flexible about when you (yes, you) will move in. If you’re interested, call or text. I’ll give you the guided tour and possibly a cookie.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I’m not leaving because of the flesh-eating monster in the attic. I’m leaving because I met this weird girl, and we’re moving in together.

Okay, bye.

No, it’s not that the guy refers to his (guy) roommate as a hairdresser rather than a barber or that the room for rent is, in fact, a room. It’s the minute detail that the place may or may not be haunted by a few former University of Texas fraternity brothers. Alright, “haunted” might not be the best description for this supernatural phenomena so much as a few ghosts just trying to relive the glory days. Nothing wrong with that.

Also, they sound like rather friendly ghosts — instead of covering your walls with blood while you’re asleep, they drunkenly spill beer. But if these ghosts really are former frat guys, they no doubt will have fun at your expense. Just think of all the fucked up shit you pull on your fraternity brothers and roommates. Now imagine having no repercussion for those actions. Those are the cards these ghosts are holding.

With that said, having ghosts of fraternity past in your home does seem intriguing. Who knows? Maybe they’ll guide your errant beer pong shot straight or switch between games during commercials on Saturdays. Could be a game changer.

Clearly, this more than likely is a complete bullshit story — it is Craigslist, after all — but I like to think these ghosts are giving a whole new meaning to the mantra “not for college days alone.”

[via Craigslist]

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