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New White House Chief of Staff Reince Preibus’ Law School Softball Team Was Named “Oral Proposition”

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According to the The Miami Herald, Reince Preibus was a pretty involved guy when he was in law school at the University of Miami. That makes sense. Reince is clearly a driven dude. He’s the former Republican National Committee chairman and future White House chief of staff, AKA the guy who will be standing over a bored Trump with an open day planner, reminding him, “Sir, it’s 2:00 PM. You have a bunch of Nazi stuff scheduled for this afternoon that we really need to get done. America isn’t gonna Nazi itself, amiright?!” And then everyone in the room laughs and drinks from chalices filled with immigrant blood. At least that’s what I assume roughly 50% of this country thinks he’ll be doing as chief of staff, based on a cursory review of my social media feeds, and how nuanced and informed the posts within read.

But for all Reince’s law school activities, like building houses and editing the law school paper, one truly stands out (if you’re like me, and can’t relate to being unsolicitedly philanthropic or productive): his law school softball team.

…and co-commissioner of the Law School Softball League, where he played shortstop for a team called, yes, Oral Proposition.

At first glance this little softball tidbit might just seem amusing and mildly clever (or, if you fall into the category I described above, FURTHER PROOF OF EVIL). But there’s so much more here.

Reince played shortstop for Oral Proposition. Every law school in the country has enough former high school jock bros attending it that a law school intramural shortstop is definitely going to be fielding some screamers every game. If you have only one decent athlete on your entire softball team, you’re probably putting him at short.

And yeah, Oral Proposition is funny. Not killer, but a solid law school joke. It’s the kind of name the guy who wins your fantasy league gives his team. Clever, but not filthy.

Most of all, though, the guy was co-commissioner of the softball league. For all the stuff he ran, I can’t imagine any of them were as annoying as that. When you’re helping to run the law school newspaper, for example, you’re in charge of driven, intelligent individuals who want to work hard and get a job done. They’re there to succeed. A softball league, meanwhile, is universally composed of the following types of people:

1) A small minority of normal, competent humans.

2) An extremely loud handful of psychos with baseball cleats, $200 bats, a Clydesdale sized horseshoe in at all times, and a raw hatred of every authority figure in the league.

3) An overwhelming majority of schlubs so incapable of following simple directions that it feels like they’re not doing what they were told on purpose.

It sounds to me like he’s been preparing to run the Trump White House his whole life. (And while his Wikipedia page doesn’t say, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was a chapter officer when he was a Delta Chi at Wisconsin White-Water. More proof this guy can handle the job.)

[via The Miami Herald]

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