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Regular People Share Their Most Surprising Sexual Turn-Ons, Are Kind Of Perverted Sickos

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Have you ever walked down a congested street filled with people and thought: “Wow, everyone here has sex. What a world we live in.”

No? Just me? Well, whatever. On Reddit, a question was posed: “What are you surprised that turns you on?” As usual, the answers did not disappoint at all. Remember, everyone in the world is, at the very least, slightly perverted.

From Reddit:

Girls who loves to take baths with socks on.

Nothing gets me hard like a soggy pair of ankle socks.

Having sex without removing my girls clothes. Skirt and panties pulled to the side

Eh, that’s still pretty vanilla.

I was super vanilla until I met my ex who showed me so many new things. I once tied her up in my closet, in a kneeling position with her arms up above her head with her favorite vibe up her butt, held in place by her panties. I locked her in and let he struggle for about 30 minutes. Then went in, ripped off her soaking wet panties, stuffed them in her mouth and fucked her like crazy. Not going to lie, it’s like impossible for me to meet girls now that I can enjoy that much.

Go directly to jail. Do not pass “Go.” Do not collect $200.

The sight of a woman’s bare midriff. I’m not sure why, but it almost turns me on more than boobs.

Midriffs were hotter in the ’90s.

One time I had the hiccups and my girlfriend took my hand and sat me down and had a very serious tone.
“Remember I went to [nearby town] last week and stayed over at a friends? We went out drinking and I ended up fucking some guy.”
I took a moment to process this.

She then laughed and explained that she said that to frighten me so my hiccups went away.

They sure did. But now I had a boner.

I’m ready to read Chapter Two.

Getting chained to the bed and being used like an item

*Furiously crosses legs*

girls who quiver when they cum… Something about them not having control over their body and submitting to pure pleasure is very arousing.

Are they quivering or seizing?

Knee high or thigh high socks.
I am not someone with a foot fetish. Feet actually kind of weird me out. But throw some foot condoms on her and BAM! Ready to go!

Girls in knee high socks are hot as fuck.

Light choking. It felt weird doing asking for it and doing it but… cough cough

A little too much for me.

Sucking dick actually.

She sounds like a keeper.

Sucking dick massive! I don’t like to admit it, but a nice clean dick in my mouth is sexy as fuck. Emphasis on the clean.

As does she.

Being slapped in the face. The first time this guy did it, he did it super slightly and I was just so turned on by it. It’s a fine art I guess but I love sucking cock, opening my mouth to breathe and getting a kinda hard slap, like a little smack, firm but not punchy. Not sure why, makes me feel super subservient and turned on. Once I was with a guy who was doing this and he uttered the words back on the cock and I almost melted.
But I should stress this is only fun when combined with slower, sensual stuff too.

And her.

I like to pull up my GF’s eyelid while she’s sucking my cock. I don’t know why, but the more I can see the whites of her eyes, the better.

You are likely a serial killer.

Hair pulling, despite having always been vaguely precious about people touching my hair.
Unf. It’s awesome.

Pretty tame.

A girl once whispered: ” I’m going to kill you” in my ear. with a really angry tone but for some reason it just worked for me.

This is my all-time favorite. The TFM comment section turns me on.

Bored and ignored. Just me ignoring/sleeping/reading or something completely else while being nailed. Super hot.
I kindof don’t wanna ask though, cause I don’t want the guy to think I actually am bored or not interested.

Is this a thing?

Having my butthole licked. Who knew?

I did…

Fucking my girlfriend while she has a buttplug in. I’m not particularly a fan of anal sex myself. I feel like the pussy feels better but it really turns me on knowing that that plug is in her ass.

You are a weird person.

“Mom teaching sex” porn.

OK, that’s enough.

Inhaling a girls fart from her butthole like an asthma puffer

Oh no, the TFM commenters found it.

To read more, check out the original thread HERE.

[via Reddit]

Image via YouTube

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