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Reddit User Signs Contract With Parents Agreeing To Refrain From Alcohol And Drugs Until 21, Is Rewarded With $1,500

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Imagine it’s your 21st birthday. Exciting, right? Now, imagine it’s the first time in your life that you have ever experienced the pleasures of alcohol or other illegal substances. Most of you would probably die of some concoction consisting of never before seen levels of intoxication and nose candy. If you managed to survive, you’d wish you were dead because of the week-long hangover you’d be sure to endure.

Reddit user Guitrum was a little shit as a kid, so much so that his parents asked him to sign a contract that rewarded him with $1,500 should he refrain from abusing alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs until he turned 21. Guitrum attempted to explain his reasoning for sticking to the contract, or “bet,” as he refers to it. Honestly, it comes across as a bunch of bullshit, but to each his own.

From Reddit:

The bet was actually multi-faceted. First of all, it was a means of saying you’re going to do something, then going out to do it with a reward at the end, something similar to college or boy scouts. Second, it creates a mutual trust between parties which also strengthens the relationship. Third, as you said, it keeps me drug free which should go for anyone out there. Fourth, it helps with the peer pressure from high school and college, where drugs and drinking are a heavy enigma. I never wanted to do any of that any way, but not only am I not doing anything illegal but I have a better reason to say no. and fifth, it encourages honesty and allows me to make my own decisions Because it is a bet, I could just as easily said “no thank you, i would rather drink than win the bet” and my parents have told me that that would have been fine. and I am not trying to be condescending, I achieved something and am proud of it, my parents merely gave me the opportunity to do so.

Whatever you say, bud.

He claims he’s gone to nightclubs before, but he doesn’t like the clientele they cater to.

i actually went to a night club in canada once (where the drinking age is 19) and it sure was an experience… not the kind of place where i would want to meet women

On top of not appreciating the drunk, nut-to-butt crowds that clubs provide, he also has never had an interest in drinking. He seemingly enjoys watching his normal peers destroy their livers during the best nights they’ll never remember, too.

i have no interest in smoking or drugs regardless and never wanted to get drunk. I never sneaked anything and was completely honest the entire time. my parents know that if I took their money and was not honest about it, I would feel forever guilty and I would rather earn it honestly. $200 or so will go to fixing up my car then the rest go into savings.

don’t worry, i had fun watching drunk people be drunk while completely sober at many a party! just glad it wasnt me that pissed their pants and puked their guts out

If he truly followed through with his end of the deal, I must at least admire his dedication and honesty.

Oh well, more booze for me. Enjoy your money and lack of tolerance. There is no way that was worth it.

[via Reddit]

Image via Imgur

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