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Red Bull Is Making Its New Magazine Free To All Fraternity And Sorority Members, Because We’re Awesome

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Red Bull, the makers of everyone’s favorite legal study aid and the world’s number one source of people jumping to Earth from outer space, has partnered with The Odyssey and Olympia Media Group to bring you The Red Bulletin, a new monthly magazine dedicated to all things awesome.

Every month The Red Bulletin features breathtaking stories full of Action, Sports, Travel, Culture and Music. Delivering the unexpected, the magazine honors those who don’t play by the rules, who push the limits, have a lust for life, swim against the current, who have a passion for adventure and are not afraid to walk courageous new paths.

Sounds pretty interesting, and hopefully to help fill the pages of this magazine Red Bull will be forced to sponsor more people who want to do highly inadvisable activities such as the aforementioned jumping from space, or maybe fighting robot gorillas? How about we get someone to perform an exorcism while trying to break the sound barrier on a motorcycle? I don’t know, I’m spitballing here. Just something new and extreme is all I’m asking for, really.

While the magazine sounds incredibly interesting, the even better news is that because Red Bull views Greeks as the most important and influential people on any given college campus, they’re giving their magazines away for free, via The Odyssey, to any and all fraternity and sorority members. All you have to do is sign up by following this link:

So if you like cool things that are free, I’d recommend signing up. At the very least make a pledge fill it out for you.


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