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A Famous Radio Producer Stands To Win $50,000 On A $1,000 Bet If Trump Wins Tonight

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Radio producer Ray Slater, of nationally syndicated Bobby Bones Show fame, took a chance on a 50-to-1 underdog last year. A big time 2015 underdog that plays the field well, is firmly anti-establishment, and has a whole lotta balls. At this point, I could be talking about both Donald Trump and English soccer team Leicester City F.C., so for clarity’s sake I’ll just state that Slater’s bet, of a full $1,000, was firmly planted on Donald J. Trump for president.

well placed this bet a year ago. Here goes nothin! (any news outlets contact me directly)

A photo posted by @bobbybonesray on

For those of you who tested out of both math and Instagram picture interpretation, a $1,000 bet with 50:1 odds would pay out $50,000. 50 grand. 50 large. That’s a lot of Ruth’s Chris. I hit up Ray to ask him some questions about his wager.


What prompted you to make this bet?

Ray: At the time I made the bet EVERYONE was talking about the Donald. I went on sportsbook and he was THE BIGGEST LONGSHOT. That made no sense to me so I made the bet THAT DAY. I knew he’d be in the news for the next year and he was SO INTERESTING. I knew he would be getting on the news networks simply because he was fascinating. I didn’t bet him to win, i bet that he would be in the news for the next year and lucky for me HE WAS!!

Does this bet align with your political views or were the odds simply too good to not take?

Ray: The odds were amazing, +5000 for a bigly (haha) popular person , that was ALWAYS in the news at the time and still is. I’m also a republican till the day I die, but that had nothing to do with the bet.

What do you plan to do with the money if you win?

Ray: If I win $50,000 dollars there are 3 major things i want to do. Buy my chick a steak dinner at Ruth’s Chris. Buy a house. And get a audi. I’m not expecting happiness from this bet, but I am expecting an easier life, with beautiful people in it.

What are your current thoughts on the probability of you winning the $50k?

Ray: Right now, Hillary is a huge favorite. If trump can win florida and Ohio I have a great shot. California and New York are already a total loss. Trump will win the popular vote bigly, but the electoral college is a different story. TO WIN: a ground swell needs to build in college towns in Florida/Ohio. Then expect a Trump hail mary win. If not, we can’t defeat the outdated electoral college. The most popular girl in school doesn’t always win prom queen, and this could very well be the case come wednesday morning.


Regardless of your political affiliation, you’ve gotta be rooting for Ray here. I mean, unless you’re a Democrat, I guess. Or someone who bet on Hillary. Or you work at the sportsbook. But you’ve gotta think all of them can look past it just this once. This is $50,000 we’re talking about here! I want Ray to win. Not because I support Trump; because I support windfalls.


Images via Instagram/Ray Slater

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Jared Borislow

Jared Borislow (né The DeVry Guy) is a Senior Writer for Grandex Inc and a 2015 graduate of the University of Wisconsin.

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