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Random People Talk About The Most Twisted Games Of Truth Or Dare They’ve Ever Played

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Truth or Dare, Cards Against Humanity, Never Have I Ever, etc. These can all be cruel games, especially if they turn out to be overtly sexual.

That was the basic gist of an “Ask Reddit” (great website) post today. The premise is simple: “What’s the most fucked up game of Truth or Dare, Cards Against Humanity, Never Have I Ever, you’ve ever had?” And boy, did some of the commenters come through with hilarious, humiliating, and downright absurd answers.

Every T or D game has a victim, as evidenced below.

From Reddit:

It was truth or dare at a girl friends house back in HS. And she has a reeeeaally nice house…
Me, two guy friends, and two girl friends. It eventually led to daring the girls to go into the shower naked, which could fit quite a few people for a shower actually.
One girl dared the one guy to get naked, the other girl dares the other guy to get naked, and I’m sitting there with my boxers on, no one bothered to dare me anything after that, they were having a foursome in the shower. I was sitting in the bedroom adjacent to the bathroom in my boxers.


This girl was dared to kiss me or lick the toilet. She licked the toilet.

My life, in a nutshell.

..The girls refused to play unless I wasn’t involved in any way. I was asked to sit in another room. I ended up just walking home. It was my best friend’s party and there were about 12 kids there total. I think we were 13 or 14. I didn’t attend another party of any kind until I was 18.

Fuck parties anyway, man.

Getting a bit buzzed I asked one of the standard questions. “Have you ever had a sexual experience with someone of the same sex?” After some doubting he answered with “When I was 4 my cousin raped me.” And that was the end of that night.


Playing Cards Against Humanity with my family (I know) and the black card is ‘What Ended My Last Relationship?’
Mum throws down ‘A Brain Tumour’. Shocked silence. Her and my dad divorced partly because of the stress his brain tumour was putting on their marriage.
He got better!

There is no reason any of you should ever play Cards Against Humanity with your parents.

OK, well this wasn’t Truth or Dare, but Never Have I Ever with me and some of my friends.

Towards the end, it started getting pretty catty with one of my friends constantly saying specific things that would get one of my best friend eliminated.

Like “never have I ever sucked a guy off in a Starbucks bathroom”, that kind of thing.

So that’s how I found out that this really good friend of mine had apparently fucked my boyfriend on Prom night after I decided to go home rather than lose my virginity to him.

Good times.

Everyone fucks on Prom night, lady.

Hanging out with a few girls from the ghetto side of town. Plenty of drunken shenanigans. Anyways a game of strip poker broke out in the kitchen. Some point in the night a random girl appeared, maybe a young looking 13, to ask her mom where something was. Pretty weird vibe already. When her mom said “Come play with us, I’ll deal you in the next hand.” me and my buddy noped the fuck right out of there.

Nope nope nope nope.

Dared to have sex with a rotten cantaloupe in friends pantry. I was like f that, that’s grosse.
Yadda Yadda Yadda. Got a cantaloupe seed in my pee hole.

A cantaloupe is a tough fruit to fuck.

My brother got Cards Against Humanity, but hadn’t played it before. We opened it up to play with my parents and aunt and uncle. I had to put a stop to him explaining what bukaake is to my mom.

She was probably playing dumb.

.. I used to play this thing called “The Bag Game” when I was 19 and on into my early 20s. It’s basically just the dare part of Truth or dare, except everyone gets 5 dares, they write them on 5 slips of paper and throw them in the bag. The bag then goes around the circle one at a time, each person it passes picks a slip and has to do whatever that slip of paper says. I think you get one pass per game.

Anyway, here’s what happened, a girl I was crushing on was sitting between me and an old friend (like known each other since middle school), she pulled a slip that said “Stick your hand down the pants of the person to your left and right and compare their genitals out loud for the group. She did exactly that. Basically, my friend and I got handjobs (under our pants) in front of a group of our friends while the girl compared and contrasted our wangs.

*Writes “The Bag Game” on my “Good Idea” list*

Oh god. So my friend recently got a new boyfriend and he was slightly older than us (we were 2nd year college.) Anyway, he has a house party while his family is away so we all go.

Fast forward to when we’re all drunk, we play that King game where everyone draws a number and whoever gets King can tell the other numbers what to do. Anyway, Almost ALL the dares became “___ make out with ____ for 10 secs.” Things got weird really fast.

My friend with the boyfriend ended up making out with three other dudes that weren’t her boyfriend. And boy did she get into it. She was hammered. One dude she absolutely wouldn’t STOP making out with and had to be pulled away. The boyfriend wouldn’t even look at her.


You can read more fucked up stuff that was too nasty or crazy for me to share HERE.

[via Reddit]

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