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Random Online Girls Revealed Tips For Guys On How To Give Mind Blowing Sex

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Sex is my favorite activity. Sex is basically the greatest thing in the world (besides my mom’s homemade Christmas cookies – those are even better. Would you guys like me to send you a batch?). Back to the sex. I’m a seasoned veteran at the sport. You guys, though, probably do not know as much about it as I do. There are certain ways to pleasure a woman that you don’t learn about in sex-ed.

That’s why we have the internet. Random strangers on this relatively unknown, yet great, site called Reddit dot com shared what they believe to be the keys to downright mind blowing sex. Grab a pen and your Five Star notebook, because you’re going to need to jot these notes down.

From Reddit:

Enthusiasm is definitely a plus. Though you hear more about it regarding women, men “starfishing” is annoying as hell.

Enthusiasm is key in any activity.

The best sex I’ve had is sex that made me feel beautiful and desired. Before sex, look at me with that hunger. Tell me I’m gorgeous. Take in my body, even the bits I hate, don’t avoid looking at that bit of flab or cellulite or whatever because I might feel self conscious – look at it, and love it, even though it’s not perfect.
During sex, let me know how much you’re enjoying it. Show me with your actions, your expressions, the look in your eyes. Tell me how good something feels, or that you love my ass, or whatever you’re thinking at the time.
Afterwards, lie with me. Trace the curves of my body with your fingertips. Tell me it was amazing. Kiss me.
Show me that you want me, make me feel like a sexy goddess, not like a hole you happen to put your dick in.

Explore that body like you’re discovering a new world, Ferdinand Magellan.

Funk all this romantic face tracing, hip kissing, romantic cuddling after bullshit, I just want my guy to make some noise during sex. Hot as fuck.

Do you want the noise brought on you?

Aftercare is super underrated. You don’t just get up, put your clothes on, and get on the computer. You cuddle god damnit!

Unless, of course, you have a paper due at midnight. Then getting on the computer is totally acceptable.

If you cum on us, please have the courtesy of fetching a towel and wiping us off.

Anybody who doesn’t do this is a complete psychopath.

Completely ignoring body contact. When only the genitals touch is just meh. Then I might as well just use a dildo…

These words have never been spoken to me [nervously laughs].

just still feeling that connection is wonderful. touch me and love me with the same passion you did before we made love. and thats how you’ll keep it alive.

This is probably the most important rule of all.

To read more of this fantastic thread, check it out HERE.

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