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Raising Money For Your Brother’s Gender Reassignment Surgery: TFM Perspective

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The fine gentlemen at the Emerson College chapter of Phi Alpha Tau reached out to the kind, giving folks of the typically seedy internet, asking for donations to complete their fraternity brother’s gender reassignment surgery. After seeking only $4,800 to provide Donnie Collins the surgery, at this point they have amazingly raised $17,590, crushing their original goal. Bravo, gentlemen. That’s quite an honorable accomplishment.

The forty-eight hundo was for a breast removal, but with all this extra flow, they can easily hook Donnie up with all kinds of cool new shit on his body — maybe some chest hair, a chiseled jaw line, a faux adam’s apple, a fly set of pectorals, a nice looking hangdown, and a bomb ass set of testicles.

Just spit-balling here, guys. These are just some things to consider is all. If you’re gonna do this thing, do it right. Go big or go home and make this dude a lady killer.

Check it out:

Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 3.31.56 PM

And here’s the Indiegogo video by Donnie’s fraternity brothers:

And finally, here are some brotherly gender reassignment one-liners, TFM style:

Raising $4,800 to have a dick sewn on one of your brothers. RFM.

Congratulating your brother on his 25% pay raise. TFM.

Giving your brother a handy to test out his new crank. TFTC.

Locking down your sister/soon-to-be-brother as a formal date, pre-op. TFM.

Reminding your brother to tuck his new pair of balls up while getting paddled. TFM.

Calling it a threesome because he/she has both sets of tools. TFM.

Nut-tapping his new balls so he feels like one of the guys. TFM.

It’s not gay if he used to have a vagina. TFTC.

Calling shirts in a “shirts vs. skins” touch football game to make him feel more comfortable. TFM.

Making all of the restrooms in the house unisex, because he/she shouldn’t feel discriminated against, and you like watching girls pee. TFM.

Tagging in your sister-bro mid-coitus so he has a chance to finish her off. TFM.

Raising money for her to become a he so that you’ll stop accidentally reaching second base when you drunk-wrestle. TFM.

Always going out of the shotgun formation during intramural football, because your sister-bro hikes the ball and you don’t want to get all up in his business. TFM.

Giving him a titty-twister on his new nips like you would any one of your other brothers, just so he feels normal. RFM.

Buying her a bulk size bottle of Gold Bond pre-op, so later he’ll be prepared to keep that new sack of nuts feeling fresh. TFM.

Watching The Bachelor with her the last few weeks leading up to the surgery, because those are precious moments you’ll cherish for a lifetime, and never have again. TFM.

Then switching to The Bachelorette post-op. RFM.

Holding the door for him even after he’s had his weenus attached, so he knows nothing has changed and you still care. TFM.

Taking him straight from the breast removal hospital to the strip club. TFM.

Buying your new bro his first jock strap and athletic cup just in time for softball season. TFM.

Making him play the hot corner to break in those new testes from screaming liners and ground balls. TFM.

Setting him up to room with the small-penised brother so he doesn’t feel too inadequate. RFM.

Buying him a handle of bourbon and making him pound it in order to test your hypothesis that he’s impervious to whiskey dick. TFM.


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Dillon Cheverere

Dillon Cheverere (@DCheverere) is the Vice President of Media for Grandex, Inc. Email:

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