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Rage For Your Country This Weekend, Get Rewarded With Cold Hard Cash

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Wigo, the party app that kicked the front door off its hinges and has taken campuses nationwide by storm, has recently extended bids to non-college students and is challenging its users to throw the most monumental 4th of July rager possible. We’re talking about patriotic parties with the majesty of a bald eagle soaring graciously through the spacious skies above the fruited plains with purple mountains off in the distance, celebrations that would give our founding fathers rock hard freedom boners upon first sight of an America they could only dream of, and a plethora of babes in red, white, and blue hybrid thong bikinis. The founding fathers were probably fully torqued at the sight of an exposed ankle if we’re being honest, but I digress.

This weekend, Wigo will straight up reimburse the best party on their app. If you haven’t used Wigo, but plan on hosting a party this weekend, you should probably download the app as, if your party is any good, there’s a chance you could be entirely comped for your holiday shenanigans. This forthcoming weekend is a time for us Americans to reflect on our nation’s history, pay tribute to our ancestors’ sacrifices, and shotgun Natty Lights like George Washington once did before crossing the Delaware and making the Brits his bitch.

Here’s everything you need to know:

-Email a screenshot of the event you hosted, a receipt, and your preferred method of payment
-Once Wigo verifies that you’re the event creator they will pick a winner based on number of attendees, how many babes were there, and pics/ videos uploaded to that event (Quality over quantity people). Extra points for anyone wearing chubbies, keg stands, and unbridled patriotism
-Winner will be reimbursed up to $1,500 so if you’re planning on throwing a rage this weekend do not hold back
-Contest runs from Thursday – Sunday

Have a great weekend and God bless the U.S. of A, Wigo, and fraternity gentlemen all across this beautiful nation.

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