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Putter Pong Is Here To Take Your Tailgates To The Next Level

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By far and away, the worst part about fall Saturdays is the stress that comes with having to choose between getting drunk while playing golf or getting drunk while tailgating. Of course you always select tailgating, because you’re a red-blooded, football-watching, parent-funded American man, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t bummed out about not being able to swing the sticks on a brisk weekend day in autumn. Well, you contemplative collegians, fear no more. Putter Pong is here to bring the putting green to the tailgate lot, and Pro V1s to pong.

Created by three fraternity brothers who were tired of traditional tailgate activities, Putter Pong combines putting and beer pong into the best thing to happen to your tailgate since all of your buddies’ dads got way too hammered on Parents’ Weekend. If you wanted to combine your two favorite activities of golf and beer pong before, you’d have to… Well, you couldn’t; at least not without violating the “While We’re Young” initiative and getting the course marshal sicced on your ass. That’s where Putter Pong came in.



To check out the different games you can play with Putter Pong, check out Putter Pong’s website.

Right now, the pre-order special is $79.99, but you — you lucky reader, you — can use special code “TFM10” for 10% off, and they’ll throw in free shipping, too. Act now, golf/pong enthusiasts, because after pre-orders are over on November 30th, the price will go up to $99.99. Click here to place your pre-order now.

Putt up or shut up.

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