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Pussification Of America Continues As Wisconsin High Schoolers Are Banned From Heckling Opponents

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Ha! And you thought we left the politically correct BS back in 2015.

In hopes of making sure no one gets their feelings hurt during a sporting event, the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association is now banning high school students from chanting phrases like “scoreboard” and “air ball” at games.

From The Washington Post:

Students are banned from making that chant, as well as others that, the high school athletics body wrote, “are clearly intended to taunt or disrespect.”

Other phrases on the do-not-chant list include:

“You can’t do that”
“There’s a net there”
“We can’t hear you”
“Season’s over”

The WIAA went further and decided teams will tie every game, hold hands afterwards and both schools will sing Kumbaya My Lord until the next school day.

That part isn’t real (yet), but the next part is. After the WIAA announced their shitty ruling, a Wisconsin high school athlete took her frustration out about it on Twitter.

April Gehl, a three-sport athlete at Hilbert High School, was suspended five games for the tweet.

I know. I know. Your first reaction is “you can’t do that,” but you can’t say that. It’s too offensive for WIAA’s virgin ears. Instead, please pick from this list of phrases that I believe should be acceptable under WIAA standards:

“Nice job!”
“You’re beautiful on the inside and outside!”
“God still loves you.”
“If you can dream it, you can do it!”
“Even though you’re not winning, I respect your talent and you as a person. I know you’re trying your best out there.”

This should make great fodder for a bitter college football rivalry.

I’m not sure if anyone on the WIAA committee has ever watched or played sports, but the chanting is half the fun for spectators. A parking lot clearing brawl just outside the high school gymnasium is the minor league version of a house-clearing brawl in Greektown. There’s one-fourth of the alcohol involved, but the intentions are still the same: You want to punch an opposing student because it feels good. And, by living in America, you have that freedom.

You hear that, WIAA? They’re not shouting “boo,” they’re chanting “fuck youuuuuuuuuu.” WIAA: putting the “F-U” in fundamentals since 1895.

[via The Washington Post]

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