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Psycho Mizzou Kid Draws Swastika With His Poop On Dorm Bathroom Wall

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Mizzou Poop Swastika

According to a University of Missouri Residence Hall Association statement, at 2 a.m. on October 24th a Mizzou Residential Life staff member found a swastika, drawn out of human feces, on the wall and floor of a bathroom in Gateway Hall.

Yeah, you read that right. Some lunatic dorm kid at Mizzou is so racist, and so crazy, that he dropped a deuce, reached into the toilet, and fished out enough logs to draw a swastika big enough to encompass both wall and floor. (Though the wording is weird in the story. I’m thinking he just drew it on the wall, but also the Res Life people found a poo trail and/or excess poo on the floor, so there were feces on both, but the shit-stika was confined to the wall. That’s my theory.)

Besides genetically enhanced chimpanzees trained by Nazis to drop grenades from trees on American resistance fighters in a Philip K. Dick novel, WHO DOES THAT!?!?

Can you even comprehend how racist and insane someone has to be to look down at their own handiwork and the first thing they think is, “Fuck Jews.”? Not, “Jesus, I eat too much Chipotle.” Not, “Ugh, I think the WHO was right about red meat.” Not even, “Glad I did this in a toilet I don’t have to personally maintenance. Sorry janitors!” Nope. Just, “Fuck Jews.”

Going to see “The 33” and actively rooting for the caved-in mine is less disturbing and racist than this.

Even actual Nazis would think this was weird.

I mean, c’mon kid. Just draw a crude swastika on the side of the stall with your keys like a normal redneck Missourian who’s never actually met a Jewish person and has both an internet connection and an interest in New World Order financial conspiracy theories their lack of basic history knowledge allows them to believe.

This is pretty unsettling. Stable individuals don’t draw hate symbols with a handful of their own shit. It happened (basically) on a Friday night, but you definitely can’t write this off as, “Oh someone was just being a drunk asshole.” And I am willing to write a lot of incomprehensibly weird and dumb actions off to, “He was drunk.” Fishing chocolate cobras out of the toilet and using them to draw the pinwheel of evil, however, isn’t one of them. Best case scenario is this kid needs AA and a lot of therapy.

This is the second time in the past year that a large swastika was found drawn in a Mizzou dorm. The first incident was discovered in a stairwell in Mark Twain Hall, and was drawn out of charcoal. The two incidents aren’t thought to be related, though, as the first perpetrator was caught soon after the graffiti was found.

So be on the lookout, Mizzou. Pretty sure you have a star player on America’s U-20 crazy racist team running around your campus.

With everything that’s been happening on campus lately — from other (more worrisome, if only for their lack of absurdity) racist incidents, to the rumors about Maty Mauk, to Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin metaphorically spreading his shit all over everything — as a Mizzou alum, all I can really think to say is this: Get it together, Mizzou. Good God.

On a related note, this very active, intentional racism in the form of a drawing of a swastika in a public place, much like the last one, will receive roughly 20% of the public outrage from students that a picture of a sorority girl wearing a sombrero would.

[h/t The Maneater]

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