Providence College Students Drink Responsibly-ish, Still Piss Off Their Neighbors

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Providence College Students Drink Responsibly-ish, Still Piss Off Their Neighbors

From couches to a mattress, no household furniture is safe on the streets near Providence College.

Last weekend, students at the Rhode Island college had a hell of a time. It’s back to school time which means the annual Golf Party was in full swing. But, depending on who you ask, it was either way out of hand or relatively responsible.

Local WJAR asked some older neighbors who were shocked to learn that students party. Here’s some neighbor reaction:

‘(It was) very crazy,’ [Jeremy Beaupre] said. ‘(There was) a lot of police presence (and) a mattress caught on fire. Last week, there was a couch on fire. It’s just been crazy.’

Ward 12 Councilman Terrence Hassett received the call about the mattress early Friday morning. The mattress was lit in the middle of the street.”

Providence College students must really have a disdain for innocent household furniture. From the sound of it, all this occurred prior to Saturday’s Golf Party (so a hot start to the weekend). The Golf Party is Providence students’ beginning of year Labor Day weekend party where they go “hole to hole” (house to house) in their finest country club attire and drink their faces off.

it's not a real darty if you don't start drinking at sunrise || Golf Party 2015

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Things teed off at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday with about 500 people, a crowd that was down by a couple thousand from years ago, according to police. There were 21 arrests this year, compared to 13 last year, but police say it was still more tame than years past. Authorities even described it as “orderly” to the Providence Journal. Ouch.

At least students can party, and quieter city residents can co-exist.

From the Providence Journal:

No furniture was burned this weekend, unlike during many recent celebrations.
Even this more orderly version of the annual back-to-school ritual, however, was more than city leaders, police and Elmhurst neighborhood groups were interested in.

Well, fuck.

The lesson here is never compromise on your partying lifestyle because people still won’t be happy. Also, if you’re not a partying college student, don’t live in areas where college students hold a massive annual party.

[via WJAR, Providence Journal]

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