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Proper Etiquette When Traveling To Another Chapter

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greek chapter travel to another chapter

The Greek network is vast and ever expanding (for now, at least). Unless you’re a member of a local fraternity, your chapter has members nationwide, from big state schools to universities you’ve never even heard of. Although fraternity men are known for their ability to make anything fun, it can still be difficult for smaller schools and/or schools with strict university policies to enjoy the hedonism that is so often displayed from the other guys.

For those of us who are a part of the minute collective where the campus police:student ratio is equivalent to the guy:girl ratio of a party at the engineering fraternity, sometimes you just have to load up the truck and pay a visit to some brothers at bigger, more lax schools. If you do decide to visit another chapter, there are certain rules that you must adhere to. Violating any of these rules will ensure that the brothers you visited no longer welcome you or your chapter back with open arms.

Don’t be “that fucking chapter.”

1. Make reservations

Let’s say you’ve got a really hot date coming up and you want to take things to the next level — I’m talking sex stuff — then you’d make reservations at a nice restaurant. If you just end up taking her out to the local McDonald’s, you best believe you won’t be getting your McNuggets played with later that night. Although you plan on crashing with guys who wear the same letters as you at this different school, that doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily be able to accommodate you. This isn’t to say they’ll turn you down faster than a hooker offered to be paid in Bitcoin, but you never know what their schedules are like, and a bit of common courtesy is always nice. A little heads up can go a long way, too. If they know of your arrival ahead of time, you might get set up with a pledge chauffeur and some girls at the house when you arrive in town.

2. Bring gifts

It’s really not that difficult to stop by the liquor store and pick up a couple thirty racks and a handle. No man in a sound state of mind would ever turn away a dude with a duffel full of Bud Heavy.

“Hey, sorry guys, but we have TOO MUCH beer and I just don’t think we can take any more.”

If you choose to bring some other vice — i.e. “Devil’s Lettuce,” “Wall Street White,” etc. — I’m sure the fellas wouldn’t mind that either. Bottom line is, nobody likes a moocher.

3. Show some respect

This one should be obvious. You don’t go in to another man’s house, eat his food, mess with his stuff, and bang his wife — not without asking first, at least. Don’t be a liability and have some guys you barely know take care of your drunk ass because you keep screaming “we’re bros, man! Don’t treat me like some fucking pledge!” Have a good time, but make sure you’re not imposing on your hosts. Attire also falls under the category of respect. One way or another they’ll know you’re in the same fraternity as them, so there’s no need to ONLY wear letters or look like a walking billboard for Southern Tide to prove just how much you frat and that you could totally be frat at their school, too. A lot of people won’t know you, so just introduce yourself as a brother from a different chapter. That conversation starter alone will guarantee you a free drink or two and some quality face time with the females.

4. Pay it forward

This isn’t like that thank you letter your mom forced you to write your Great Aunt Linda for the $25 and pack of tube socks she sent you for your birthday; just a simple thanks for the hospitality of another chapter. Not only is it the brotherly thing to do, but it also guarantees an open invitation for round two somewhere down the line. Crack a joke about something that happened the other night, exchange contact info, and say your goodbyes. It’s also a good idea to offer to return the favor if they ever come up your way.

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