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Professor Accidentally Leaves PornHub Up On His Lecture PC

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It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, nature calls and you just have to watch porn in a massive lecture hall, right? No? Shit. I’m just going to leave now. It’s awkward.

Right, so the professor…

He was visiting from another university in the Netherlands and seemingly decided to do some hand exercises after the end of class. Students watching the class online got to get a taste of their professor’s extracurricular activities, which prompted them to report the incident to the university. Pretty reasonable. If I’m studying for advanced food chemistry, the last (first?) thing I want in the end of the lecture is a fisting addendum.

Nothing like knowing the grey and wizened old dude in front of the lecture is getting off to videos of fisting right after you finish his class, am I right? No? Again? Fuck. I’m striking out today.

On the positive side, other than asking the old public voyeur to take a hike, there was no mess to clean up. I’m sure this came as good news to the cleaning staff, who couldn’t be reached for comment as they were too busy helping to bleach the memories of those students who got to learn what kind of porn their professor was into.

Europe is a weird place, guys. Between the Germans and their freaky fascination with crazy, deviant sex (at least from what popular culture tells me), the French and their Formula 1 Chairman Nazi dungeon role-play scandals, and their lecturebating Food Chemistry professors in The Netherlands, I think we can safely say they’re on a different level than us, sexually. It’s cool though, I think we’re happy with the level we’re on.

[via Gawker (NSFW)]


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