Which One Of You Knocked Up This Smoking Hot French Girl? She Is Trying To Find You

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Which one of you sick bastards (pun absolutely intended) knocked up this sexy French babe Natalie somewhere in Australia like three months ago? If you are the guilty party, congratulations — you are going to be a father. Don’t think you can escape this one, either, because Natalie is currently going viral trying to find you.

From The Daily Mail:

The young tourist has revealed she will be searching for the man at One Up Bar in Mooloolaba on Venning Street at 7pm on Wednesday.

‘Ok so many friends and help here i go to ‘one up bar’ tmrw at 7pm if people would like to help me and come and really help me then come and we go together…i have 3 days….ill try anything [sic],’ she said.

Earlier on Tuesday night, she had appeared to have second thoughts about the man and whether he would meet up with her again after the video grabbed national headlines.

‘I’m shaking now I’m in crying now……what if he doesn’t want to see me now, maybe he is shy…. am so lonely right now [sic],’ she tearfully wrote on Facebook on Tuesday night.

‘Please .i didn’t think it would be on news…i just want to see him again…sorry..i have nothing left if i don’t find him ill go home…i just want to see ..if he says no then ok…is that wrong? [sic].’

Several people have taken to social media demanding for the name of the man who got her pregnant but Ms Amyot has yet to answer her critics despite claiming in the video she had his number saved in her phone but lost it.

Did you think your wild night with a French babe wasn’t going to end in epic disaster? Perhaps you had too much to drink and thought “Oh, the French love having sex. This will be the experience of a lifetime and totally worth it.” Wrong answer, pal. Natalie and your soon to be child are on the fucking hunt to find you.

Will it work? Do you think Natalie will find her baby daddy? She created a Facebook page so people would help her find him. The link she shared is dead, and this is the page that exists now (which could definitely be fake). In fact, the whole thing could be a hoax — but I have a feeling there are a few people who were in Australia this summer who are shitting their pants right now.

Good luck to whichever one of you is now fathering a Frenchman. We will all be rooting for you.

[via Daily Mail]

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