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Portland State Rejects “Murder-Free Zone” Because It Could Lead To Violence

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Gun-free zones have always been a simple source of amusement to me. The only citizens that obey such designations are those who have no intention of committing a crime. We call those people “normal.” People who break the law are often referred to as “criminals,” and someone who shoots up a school or government building isn’t exactly worried about being tagged with a gun-free zone charge. In essence, it stops nothing.

The College Republicans chapter at Portland State University sought to designate a murder-free zone on campus because murder is bad, and if we put up some signs, we won’t have murder anymore. While their efforts were satirical in nature, their point still stood. A criminal is going to do what he wants regardless of the designated zone he’s walking into.

From Fox News:

“In the murder-free zone we were looking to create, nobody will be killed with guns, knives, sticks, or anything of the sort,” said Christian Britschgi, political director of Oregon’s College Republican Federation chapter.

Everything was off to a smooth start for the organization. Nobody expected any backlash to a murder-free zone. Murder is wrong, after all.

Britschgi, who wrote about his effort in a column for The College Fix, figured getting permission to set up the table would be “as easy as renting a library book.” The idea was to advance a “murder-free zone” as a logical extension of the “gun free zones” on campus and in buildings across the Portland area.

“Our advisor signed off on our proposal quickly at first but became skeptical after she saw the nature of the content,” Britschgi said.

Sure enough, the school came back with a big ass “DENIED” stamped across the proposal. It couldn’t have been denied because the school wants more murders. That’s just ridiculous. Instead, it was actually rejected for a reason that may top anything you could’ve imagined – it may cause violence.

Upon further review, Britschgi said, school officials determined the proposal could be “libelous,” “triggering” and cause people to attack them.

“Triggered,” my favorite word.

It was as if the leaders of PSU couldn’t see the big picture here. It would be impossible for there to be any violence because they would be implementing a murder-free zone within a gun-free zone. Nothing bad could happen, obviously. Everything bad had been banned. Sadly, the administrators failed to see the potential protection they could’ve provided to their students.


[via Fox News]

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