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All Hell Breaks Loose At Port Aransas Spring Break With Fights All Over The Damn Place

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I’ll never understand why some dudes have to get wasted and fight each other. I get it, sometimes there’s a douchebag that needs his face punched in, but more often than not you’re fighting someone to try and prove you’ve got a big ole swinging hog. I like to follow the words of Charlie Day: “I’m sitting in my chair, I’m relaxing, I’m getting blackout drunk, and you’re leaving me alone.” These spring breakers in Port Aransas, Texas? They’re a feisty bunch.

Check out this video someone posted on Facebook of basically all hell breaking loose as a fight breaks out, causing running-of-the-bulls type of chaos as people run to watch.

First takeaway: I see like zero hot chicks there.

Second takeaway: Not even a good fight. I wanna see some haymakers. I wanna see some uppercuts. Personally, I respect some good defense. Nothing at all. A total mismatch too from the two you see arrested. This was a piss poor performance.

The Port Aransas Police Department agrees, telling the San Antonio Express-News the video made it look “much worse” than the actual altercation. Honestly, even the stampede of people was a letdown. Not a single person yelled “WorldStar!” and that’s just unacceptable. Must be everyone’s first ro-day-o.

At least there’s some good news to come out of it:

San Antonio Express-News:

[Port Aransas Chief of Police Scott A. Burroughs] told spring break is their jurisdiction’s busiest time of the year, during which 20 percent of their annual arrests are made.

According to the chief’s statistics, as of noon on Thursday 103 spring break-related arrests have been made since Saturday at midnight. Burroughs said most are alcohol-related offenses, but none have involved shootings, stabbings or sexual assault so far.

Eyyyyyyy. Keep the streak alive.

[via San Antonio Express-News]

Image via Facebook

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