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The 5 Most Popular Halloween Costumes Of 2016

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2016 Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the bend, and that means you’re beginning to think of costume ideas. With that in mind, I picked out what will be 2016’s five most popular costumes.


Didn’t see this one coming, did you? Harambe has engulfed the internet since his untimely death back in May. Our sweet prince has been memorialized in memes and t-shirts across the internet. So if you thought Harambe would truly be dead come Halloween, you’d be a fool. This is easily going to be the most popular and overplayed costume of the year. Wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few “dicks out” versions floating around, but remember that indecent exposure is against the law.

Donald Trump

The Donald campaign comes to a close in November, so consider Halloween one last hurrah before he is either named the President of the United States, or bows out to Hillary. Grab your best blazer, Make America Great Again red hat, and a blonde wig and go out and build that wall. Don’t let Lying Hillary or Ted Cruz ruin your fun. Shamelessly mock every human in the crowd because you are vastly superior to them all, except the 50 other Donald Trumps in attendance.

Harley Quinn

I sure do hope that none of you guys show up on Halloween dressed as Harley Quinn, but I can assure you a million girls will be donning this outfit. Harley is so hot right now thanks to Margot Robbie, the sexpot. Girls want to be like Margot. Ergo, girls will want to dress like Harley.

Ryan Lochte

Our favorite swimmer who enjoys fabricating stories while in a foreign country to hide the fact that he was drunk and with some girls will surely be on display come Halloween. It’s an easy costume to make. Get a Speedo, swimming cap (or dye your hair straight silver for the full effect), and some goggles and voila! You’re now the villain of Rio. Don’t forget that no matter what mischief you cause that night, it can all be blamed on the fake Rio police robbing you at gunpoint. Lochte pulls and is easy to make fun of. That’s a recipe for a lot of Lochte.


Sure, the movie came out 12 years ago, but that hasn’t stopped groups of guys from still going out dressed as the four-man crew of Ron, Champ, Brian, and Brick. Every year these groups get together, trying to think of something original and all they can come up with is Anchorman. Think of something original one time for me because once the party starts and four crews of Anchorman show up, I’m not going to know who’s in which group.

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