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[POLL] Which Sorority Is Hotter: Arizona Sigma Kappa Or Arizona State Pi Phi?

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POLL- Which Sorority Is Hotter- Arizona Sigma Kappa Or Arizona State Pi Phi?

I’m all for healthy competition. I’m also all for hot sorority chicks. So why not combine the two for a little fun? If you could pick one sorority to spend your college days with, would you rather party with the girls of Pi Beta Phi at Arizona State, or would you prefer running with the smokes of Sigma Kappa at the University of Arizona? This one is a real showdown of powerhouses.

Just like Jaws will spend hours studying one quarterback, I spent hours dissecting each and every aspect of these two sororities, because I care about you guys. I got absolutely zero personal pleasure out of this duty that I undertook for the good of all mankind. You’re welcome.

Arizona State Pi Phi






Hotness: 10/10

There is no doubt that the girls of Pi Phi at Arizona State bring scorching heat like the Arizona desert. If you look down their roster, then back up again, and then back down again, you’re going to find yourself with a full-on erection. It’s almost unfair how hot they are.

Wifeability: 6/10

I might catch some flack here from the Arizona State gals, but I just find them to be a little too into themselves. Yeah, we get it, you guys are super hot. But there’s no need to be all high maintenance and stuck up. For that, they are being docked a few points.

Arizona Sigma Kappa

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 3.28.57 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 3.29.42 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 3.31.32 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 3.30.35 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 3.29.57 PM

Hotness: 10/10

Their hotness was never really in question. Something is being put in the damn water for the entire state of Arizona. Sigma Kappa is without a doubt the hottest sorority at the hottest school in the U.S. So, of course I’m going to give them a perfect 10 rating. Not a bad apple in the bunch.

Wifeability: 10/10

Not even going to humblebrag here, but just straight up brag that I used to date a UofA Sigma Kappa for a very brief period of time before I inevitably lost interest in being tied down. She was a nurse. I know, I’m an idiot. But hey, we learn from our mistakes, right? Either way, if she is any indication of how wifeable these girls are, then you should lock one down now if you have the chance.

Hottest/Most Notorious Member:


Madison. She is a former TFM Sweetheart, and an absolute babe. She also is trying to become a reporter. So that adds some hotness factor to her. In her Sweetheart profile, she says she is single. Madison, if you’re listening out there, I like to plan things out. I am your man. Call me.

Winner: Arizona Sigma Kappa. Yeah, you can’t really argue against a perfect rating.

Which sorority is hotter?

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Images via Facebook/Arizona State Pi Beta Phi, Instagram/Arizona Sigma Kappa

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