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Pike Member Gets Blackballed And Evicted From Fraternity House, Burglarizes House And Gets Arrested

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Fraternity rush is an imperfect system — an occasional inadequate vetting practice that is in place not only to recruit future members of your chapter, but also to weed out the guys deemed unsuitable do wear your letters. It’s a fun time, but an important time as well. Because the occasional slapdick will slip through the cracks, and they will, it’s up to the active chapter to fix this and weed out the misfits.

That’s why we have a second line of defense. This line of defense is a long, treacherous process for the potential new members, and it’s almost foolproof. We call it new member education, or pledgeship. The active members have a great responsibility to ensure only the strong survive. It’s supposed to work. Sometimes it doesn’t. Take these students from the University of Utah: Chris Peterson, 19, and his loser friend Kelton Quinn, also 19. Peterson was an active member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at the University of Utah, and he was evicted from the chapter house. He then enacted some revenge on his former fraternity, felony style.

I’d go ahead and assume the author is unfamiliar with the blackballing process, thus didn’t include details of the termination of his active Greek life, but anyone stupid or shitty enough to get evicted from a dwelling where typical fraternity behavior is the norm has been balled. Peterson got a hard blackball.

On January 10th, 19-year-olds Kelton Quinn and Christopher Peterson broke into Judge Memorial Catholic High School and the Phi Kappa Alpha [sic] fraternity at the University of Utah. Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill told ABC 4 News, “Just in the fraternity house we’re talking several thousand dollars worth of electronics.”

Note: The author of the original story wrote “Phi” Kappa Alpha. I wouldn’t do you like that.

After the Pike house, the boys allegedly targeted the high school where Kelton Quinn’s father is the athletic director.

Gill said, “The resource officer said the persons who broke in knew exactly what they were doing because they knew where the concession stand was and where the money was kept.”

Gill says it was Quinn’s father who tipped off police of his son’s involvement. When police arrested Quinn and Peterson at Peterson’s girlfriend’s house they found not only items from the two burglaries but a lot more. Turns out the boys had been burglarizing cars for months.

Peterson and Quinn have been charged with 22 counts, ranging from felony burglary to misdemeanor criminal mischief. Both are being held on a $50,000 bond.

Man, this kid’s a real piece of work — ripping off his fraternity brothers and roommates, then his buddy’s own father? You are the company you keep, I suppose. Who was responsible for hazing this kid?

There isn’t much worse than being the kid walking around campus who got blackballed from his fraternity for being a real piece of work, but being the guy who got blackballed from his fraternity, then robbed them and his friend’s father, then has to do time in the clink is certainly one of, if not the worst kid on campus.

[via ABC 4]

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