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Pi Kappa Phi At Troy University On Probation For Taking Pledge Into Woods, Tying Him To A Tree, Throwing Stuff At Him, And Abandoning Him

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Well this is a pretty cut-and-dried case of hazing, and in terms of getting caught, there isn’t much any house could say to explain themselves. “This isn’t what it looks like,” is not an explanation that’s going to fly when you’re caught redhanded tying a pledge to a tree and using him as target practice with eggs and God knows what else. Funny? Well, assuming they weren’t using ninja stars or rocks, sure, yeah. Unfortunately for Pi Kap, this is the type of joke most people aren’t going to get, including the police officer who found the pledge, covered in shit and wandering down the highway, apparently after being left in the woods.

The pledge eventually freed himself, and a Troy police officer saw him walking back to town on U.S. 29.

Dammit, pledge! If the police officer asks what happened, you tell him you fell in a dumpster, or something. I don’t know. That was probably a hard one to explain. I’ll grant that. Still, you really screwed up, and now a half dozen innocent brothers whose only crime is kidnapping you into the woods, imprisoning you against your will, some form of minor assault, and probably criminal abandonment or whatever are paying the price, along with the rest of the house.

University spokesman Clif Lusk said Wednesday the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity will have to complete a plan for corrective action as part of its probationary status.

He says the fraternity expelled three members and suspended three more in connection with the claims.

The six will appear later before a university board.

What a mess. It’s actually a miracle they only got probation for this.

The pledge, for what it’s worth, was uninjured, and declined to press charges against any of the brothers.

Let this be a lesson to you Troy Pi Kap: if you’re going to take a pledge out to the woods and haze him, at least have the decency to give him a ride home, otherwise people start asking questions. Lock it up.



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